What Are The Chinese Beauty Standards in 2020?

In China, appearance is relatively important. Chinese girls are under strong pressure from society to look like an ideal of beauty. This ideal will give them a lot of complex and self-confidence issues. In addition, everything is a competition in China, and the physical can prove to be an asset to have a better job or the most handsome boyfriend. A proverb says that “there are no ugly women, there are only lazy women”. It’s a bit of the dominant idea in China. Because it has become common for women to choose plastic surgery to look a little more like that ideal they want to achieve. But what is this ideal like?

Chinese ideal: white skin

Since the dawn of time, white skin is considered an ultimate criterion of beauty. It is said that at the time, only the women with the whitest skin were close to the emperor. Nobody seems to know why, but this idea of beauty has persisted and can be explained today by the relationship between whiteness and the socio-professional category. In other words, if you are white, you work in an office and you are rich. While if your complexion is more tanned, it insinuates a work of peasant outside and therefore, a bad social position.

beauty in China, whish for a whiter/brighter skin

While in the West, Coco Chanel has reversed the trend by making tanned complexion fashion (saying that being tanned means to be rich enough to have time to tan). But this idea is far from relevant in China. Chinese women use a lot of skincare products that contain whiteners. In addition, at the slightest ray of sunshine, they come out for the most part covered with an umbrella to avoid tanning.

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Big eyes and double eyelid are considered prettier

Some Chinese naturally have eyes that can be similar to that of Westerners, with a “fold” above the eyelid. But most do not, which makes them look like they have small eyes, which is not considered attractive in China. This is why many Chinese women put a lot of effort into makeup on their eyes to make them look bigger. Some will go as far as wearing lenses and stick a sticker on their eyelids to give the illusion of this “fold”. The most radical practice is of course that of plastic surgery. It is also one of the most practiced operations in China.


A thin size is admired by Chinese women

As in many countries, a thin waist is considered a major beauty criterion. The Chinese are mostly all very thin, so to have some extra pounds can quickly become a huge complex for them, especially for girls. Many “challenges” to prove his thinness was very popular on Chinese social networks. For example, girls had to place a sheet of A4 paper in front of their belly. The message was simple: if your size exceeds the sides of the sheet, you are considered as “fat”. Millions of Chinese women enjoyed sharing their wasp waist camouflaged behind a simple sheet on social networks to prove their silhouette considered “perfect”.

But a thin face also has an importance

Chinese girls dream of a thin head. Indeed, in Asia, some girls can have a relatively round or square jaw. It’s something that makes them very ashamed. There is even a Chinese word to describe this form of the square face (国 字 脸). They will tend to hide their jaws behind their long hair and give their face a finer appearance. Before posting a selfie, they will also use apps to beautify the picture. These apps are so developed that they can even refine the shape of their face. A step they never miss in the editing of their selfies! There are also some tools that they will roll on their jaw to refine it and have a V-shaped face. But it takes a lot of time and the effectiveness is almost not visible.


Silky hair, another physical criteria to consider

The cosmetics market for hair continues to grow in China. They all dream of having long, shiny, black, and smooth. It is the ideal to reach, however with the conditions of life in China (pollution, water…) it is difficult to keep silky and shiny hair. Find out more about this topic here.

Full lips are a must for Chinese women

Finally, the Chinese will prefer to have lips very luscious and full. Because small lips are not considered attractive. However, most Chinese women naturally benefit from this kind of lips. You now know everything about Chinese beauty standards! You are a company in the field of cosmetics and you want to expand your market in China? We can help you! Gentlemen Marketing Agency will advise you and offer you professional digital communication to enter this huge market.

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