Chinese New Year 2021: Few exemple of Cosmetic Brands Campaign

Not only are many of the holidays in China different from ours, but even the same ones have customs and traditions that differ from our culture. However, knowing the Chinese holidays, when they fall, their meaning, and the customs associated with them allows you to develop successful marketing strategies. Many of the traditional festivals can turn out to be real opportunities to do business aimed at target markets.

It is, therefore, necessary to take some precautions to set up an effective cross-cultural strategy and celebrate these occasions in a coherent way.

Why is New Year the best occasion for a special campaign?

12th of February 2021 marks the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year.

 It is a time for getting together with family, celebrating, gift-giving, and, for brands, it is a major retail event.

Preparing your marketing strategy and social channels with compelling content now will give you the best chance of standing out and making sales.

Chinese new year is a great occasion to treat loved ones with high-end cosmetic

Chinese consumers like to be cuddled and spoiled by the brands they love. Preparing a New Year campaign will make them feel at the center of attention and they will appreciate it a lot.

During Chinese New Year, the color red is everywhere. Red Spring Festival couplets, red lanterns, red paper cuttings, and clothes. It symbolizes happiness, wealth, and prosperity in Chinese culture, which can ward away evil spirits and bring good luck.

Shiseido Gift packaging all in Red and Gold to Celebrate 2021 Spring Festival on RED (Xiaohongshu)

Collaborating with Kols who can tell meaningful stories will allow consumers to emotionally connect with your brand. The very human themes of family, happiness, and good fortune can be difficult for brands to bring to life alone, but through their content, creators can make these connections in an authentic and engaging way.

Tips for Cosmetic Brands Chinese New Year campaign

Clinique Chinese Website Banner and Wechat Store with Countdown as to when the special offer will start.

Let’s see some important tips for a successful New Year’s campaign:

  • The Color red is always a popular element when designers are designing new-year products. This year, #Lancome, #Estee Lauder, and #Atelier Cologne all launched “Special Red Bottled” products for the New Year celebration.
  • 2021 will be the year of #Ox. Some brands chose this element to redesign their products, such as #CLINIQUE and #L’Occitane. The ox on the packaging is adorable.
  • Beautiful flowers are also an appropriate design to celebrate the arrival of a new year, so #Bobbi Brown, #Shiseido, and #NARS chose this element.

When putting together your Chinese marketing plan, don’t forget to add WeChat and Weibo into your digital advertising channels. These platforms give you access to the largest audience in China and you’ll miss out on many sales opportunities if you skip them.

Cute OX & red Design for l’occitane CNY 2021 campaign: advertised as Gift on their Tmall Store

The Chinese New Year might start on 12 February, but your marketing campaigns should begin long before that. Since many people have travel plans over those two weeks, they start shopping early on. 

You can capture those pre-holiday sales with well-timed ad campaigns that speak to their preparations.

Use Chinese social media for your campaign

Social media is an essential part of any strong marketing strategy:

  • Pick the right platform:  Working with a Chinese social media marketing specialist will ensure that you enter the right space at the right time with the right message. WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin are the best platforms to launch your New Year’s campaign.
  • Engage with influencers:  Find key influencers with your target audience and reach out to them. When planning for the holidays, use the message from your specific campaign about sharing and well wishes to build goodwill with other users. Working with influencers will help you find new followers and establish trust within the social community.
  • Don’t forget about SEO: Social search engines play a key part in increasing the reach of your brand and its campaigns. Research the competition for various keywords on the platform and then build your copy around the most effective phrases. 

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