How to choose the right Digital marketing agency in China ?

How to Choose a Good Digital Marketing Agency in China?

In general, one chooses depending on years of experience, certifications, prices and reviews that you find on them online.

But not only…

Good communication

The key to the success of any collaboration remains communication.

Whether you like it or not, there is also a question of “feeling” in this process.

To find the Chinese marketing agency adapted to your needs, it is also to find:

  • The one who listens to you and understands you
  • The one that answers your questions without making you languish weeks
  • The one that takes the time to explain what it does, why it does it, how and what it brings to your business
  • The one that is able to propose adequate solutions and in your means
  • The one that sets up a system to accompany your team
  • The one that gets involved with you in your approach to the goal.

In short, it is important that a method of communication be established between you and the web agency in question.

Feel free to arrange a phone appointment, a wechat call or even a physical meeting to see if an affinity raise.

Moreover, it is preferable that you deal with only a privileged interlocutor.

So avoid the Chinese agencies that move you from one person to another with methods without any continuity in which you must constantly repeat things.

Remember that by engaging a marketing agency, you expect tangible results.

The best relationships between companies and agencies are when communication is open and all parties are clear about their responsibilities, objectives and tactics

There is nothing worse than working with an agency that refuses to innovate or collaborate.

If you get an argument that says “This is the way we do things and that’s it,” then you’re better off moving forward.

The right digital marketing agency seeks to leverage teamwork in a creative way to give you the best possible results.

Flexibility with the market and strategy is important, so if they are not ready to collaborate with you or even within their own organization, they are not worth continuing.  

Search for transparency

What you need to look for is the transparency of the agency towards you.

The agency must explain clearly and transparently how they work on their implementation in order to achieve the objectives.

Transparency is an area where most agencies are inadequate.

As a customer, you need to know how your money is spent and what work is being done on you.

You must have someone with whom you can talk, ask questions and have an open dialogue about the process.

You should also know the type of results you get, at each step, in each chain.

This level of transparency is essential if you want to have a true partner in the success of your business. Of course, they can not disclose trade secrets, but they should at least be able to help you justify what you are paying for.

Get a clear overview of what is done for your monthly management fee and also know what type of process and deadlines you can expect.


Diversified Client

The best agencies in China are those that work with a diverse clients.


Well, to begin with, this means that they are more than likely familiar with your market as well as your industry, which can make strategy and tactical implementation even more effective.

They also include the needs of a company of your size and type, which can help you in everything. But probably the most important thing that can be offered to a broad clients is the breadth of experience.


The research

Ask for recommendations.

This is the first step to finding a good agency.

Access your contact list and start asking other successful companies in your area or personal network that they recommend as a digital marketing organization.


Word of mouth is important. 

This is true for all digital marketing agencies, if they are good, you often hear about happy customers.

Start searching.

Head to your favorite search engine and start by searching “Find a marketing agency china digital” or other keywords that relate to what you want.


Start by looking at their website.

Is it obsolete? Easy to navigate? Also check out their clients and view their comments on other trusted sites, such as BBB or Yelp. You can even watch their social media channels to see how active they are and whether they get positive reviews (or better yet, how they handle customer reviews).

Then contact 2-3 agencies in total to exchange on your project.

A free consultation can give you a good idea of what the work of this agency will be.

Keep it simple: remember, if they are easy to find and make a good impression, they represent what they can do for your business.

Develop a list of questions to ask and ask them. See if they are willing to be a partner  or make a quick sale.


Make a list of questions.

If you have never worked with an agency before, here are the questions to ask about the list:How often do you communicate with clients? Give me an example of how you have helped a customer see success with Tactical X. How are services billed? When should I be charged? What is the process of implementing your campaign? How does your team become familiar with my brand, its services and products? How long does your contract or service contract last? What capacity do we have to renegotiate contracts during a campaign? What services do you offer and can they be customized in my company? Have you worked with a company like mine? What expertise do your team have? 


Ask for case studies and examples.

Do not be afraid to ask for a recommendation from the current client either  they can give you a number of clients with whom you can call and ask you questions about their experience.

If they do not give any reference, be skeptical because they are trying to hide something. Negotiate pricing and scope of work for which you are contracting.

You do this with all your major purchases, so why not do the same when you work with your agency?

Make sure expectations are clear and written.This is the time to find out what the actual costs are of the campaign  then budget them appropriately or negotiate on how they will be treated.


Develop a strategy  then sign.

They must give you a roadmap before you start doing business with them, so put them in task to show you what you want.

Do not forget to review the services they offer. The right agency can usually walk and help you identify your problems and possible solutions while developing a plan that uses their own experience and knowledge to back it up.


Because your current marketing in China does not work

That does not happen. You have tried everything and you have no idea what to do, you do not know or little about the Chinese market.

You also need someone who knows how to implement these great ideas and measure them to show success. This is what a digital marketing agency is.

  • If your marketing is not working, it is now time to move on to a Digital Marketing agency, as it is likely that you can not solve this problem alone.

In the same way, you will trust the expertise of a doctor to help you diagnose a medical problem, you have to trust a digital marketing agency in China to help you diagnose pain and marketing pains and prescribe you good treatment.

You deserve the right digital marketing agency now, it’s time to go find it.



  • You are Right, Transparancy and Fake are the cancer of Marketing in China.

  • Thank you for this article.
    transparancy is a big problem in China… really big

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