China Distributors: How to Find Beauty & Cosmetics Distributors in China?

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Every foreign brand promoting itself on the Chinese market, if doing it successfully, will reach the point when it needs to find reliable China distributors or trading companies that will sell brands’ beauty and wellness products in China cosmetics market.

The Chinese cosmetics market is the second-largest in the world, predicted to reach 564.4 billion yuan by 2025. The time for companies selling beauty products is now. Although there are many foreign businesses in the Chinese market, that sell products to Chinese consumers, the demand for good-quality beauty products is still growing. Therefore, this blog post will show you the best ways to attract Chinese distributors and manufacturers on the wholesale markets to your brand.

Overview of China’s beauty & cosmetics market and its trends

In 2012, the cosmetics market in China was worth 248.4 billion yuan, while in 2021 the number nearly doubled. It’s expected that the market will reach 564.4 billion yuan ($87.64 billion) by 2025, with an annual market growth of 13.76%.

Chinese cosmetics market

Chinese shopping behaviors are changing, as the driving force of the Chinese cosmetics market has shifted to younger generations. More and more consumers start to invest in good-quality skincare products and other cosmetics and makeup products, especially when it comes to Millennials and Gen Z.

One of the biggest trends from recent years in the cosmetics market is natural cosmetics. Chinese young generations are more health and environment conscious and want to buy products, that are not harmful to either of those. As they become more health aware, they also invest a lot in dermo-cosmetics and medical skin care, purchasing facial mask products, anti-aging creams, and other skincare products for sensitive skin.

China skincare market case study GMA
GMA famous brand from the cosmetics sector – Averac case study

And, two more big segments that are recording big growth are male cosmetics and baby skin care. Men want to look good and they don’t look at cosmetics and skin care products as something that is reserved for women. They invest in good creams and gels and a sensitive skin product range, usually preferring products from foreign companies to Chinese companies due to the product quality.

Where to find the best cosmetic distributors in the Chinese market

  1. Supermarkets like Auchan, Carrefour, Wall-Mart
  2. Specialized beauty Store chains like Sephora
  3. Local Stores
  4. Para pharmacies stores like Watson
  5. Stands – events in Commercial Stores
  6. Online Beauty websites
  7. Taobao / Wechat Resellers
  8. Tmall / JD resellers
  9. Special beauty apps or
  10. Daigous resellers

There are many different ways to distribute your cosmetics in the Chinese market, but before thinking of where you’d like to distribute your brand, it’s important to have a good strategy for how to attract local distributors to your brand.

How to attract beauty products distributors in China?

The most important thing in China is expanding a strong network and valuable connections in the Chinese market. China distributors don’t want to do business with people that they never heard of (from people they know, but also online). In order to find reliable local distributors, you need to work on your relationships by participating in events and trade shows and branding your company online. If people know who you are, they’re more likely to trust doing business with you. 

Chinese website + Baidu SEO

A good website in Chinese hosted in China is the first step to make. Chinese distributors and consumers search for products and brand information online and the first place they check is Baidu (international businesses and foreign companies won’t be treated differently in this sense).

A Chinese website works like a hallmark of your brand, so you need to make sure that you provide all the necessary information on the site. Remember about a chat box, so distributors can get fast answers from you, and work on your search engine optimization so that you rank on the first page of Baidu SERP and other search engines in China.

Chinese forums and PR

Participating in forums has many advantages. It’s one of the easiest ways to build branding and e-reputation. As customers speak about your goods, they demonstrate an interest that will not go unnoticed by Chinese distributors and qualified suppliers.

Participating in forums also helps your Baidu SEO, and so is the PR strategy. The more people talk about you online, the bigger chances are that you attract customers and China distributors to your brand and the luxury goods you offer.


Chinese social media accounts

Although having a website is also important, as it’s a hallmark of your brand on the Chinese internet, when it comes to branding and e-reputation, the most important tools are Chinese social media. People in China use social media to communicate with friends, check the news, brands they like, influencers they admire, and many more. If you have a cosmetic product to sell, there is no better place than social media.

The most important platform for branding, but also for communication with distributors is Wechat. All the good brands have official accounts and stores on the platform, where 1.26 billion people look for information every month. It’s the go-to platform for all Chinese netizens on a daily basis.

Another good social media platform, especially when it comes to China cosmetics market is Xiaohongshu. Sometimes called Chinese Instagram, Xiaohongshu gained popularity thanks to its user-generated content, where users share product reviews and recommendations. Xiaohongshu is also a very popular platform for Chinese influencers.

We can be your agent in China

  • Contact us
  • Send us your Products information and company profile
  • Your Brand value and story
  • and all information you have in Chinese

All over China, you can find resellers, wholesalers, and online Sellers offering their services at affordable price. To own your own offline official shops all over China is no longer the only strategy and e-commerce platforms and e-payment has already become the new style of shopping. 

We help international businesses to reach out to Chinese people and start importing products to the Middle Kingdom for more than 10 years. Over this time, we built a good relationship with many China distributors and we can help you build a good relationship with a potential partner of your brand in the Chinese market.

Your Distributor/Agent in China

We Can be your Distributor / Agent in the Chinese market if your Brand has potential.

If your Brand meets the Chinese Distributor’s requirements and is already popular in the Chinese market. We will be glad to have a call with you to understand how we can help you. If you didn’t build a presence in the country yet, we can help you with your marketing strategy, so you’d attract wholesale clients and partners that will be interested in beauty and makeup product distribution.

We also can use the Tmall B2D strategy to resell your Brand all over China.

Your Marketing Agency in China

The key to unlocking distribution in China is Marketing. Strong Branding can & will attract a lot of resellers & Distributors.

marketing agency china contact us

Over more than 10 years in business we managed to build strong relationships with many distributors in the cosmetics industry in China. We can help you find the best distributor for your needs. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us to discuss your options in China.


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    They don’t reallycare about permits or certificates. You don’t need to have a sellers permit, brand value…

    You need to come across as someone who has purchasing power when you first contact them, so pretend to have a Great Brand
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