Chinese Distributors don’t Invest in the Marketing of their Cosmetic Supplier

Even in 2021, the cosmetics market is not suffering from the global pandemic. It is even the other way around! International beauty and cosmetics brands meet growth in Asia only, and especially in China. The Chinese love to take care of their skin and their appearance as a symbol of social success. Today, post-95s are the major consumers of cosmetics and skin care products in China. But how can you actually sell to them? For your cosmetics brand, you need to find a Chinese distributor… but do not think he will do marketing for you! Here is everything you need to know about them!

Chinese  Distributors are not “Investors”!

Chinese distributors are in search of well-known brands to sell up in record time. If a product does not work, they will tackle new products and will not want to take back the old product. For distributors, the most important thing is to see results quickly. They can simply work for years with the same brand or the same supplier but they will never go invest in the supplier’s brand. Their role is to distribute the products so they will simply do their job. Chinese distributor expects its suppliers to have a quality product with good packaging, precise positioning, and a good reputation.

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It is not a Chinese Distributor Job’s to take care of your Branding

The reputation of a brand or a product enormously accounts for a Chinese distributor. Chinese distributors will never work with a brand with a bad reputation because Chinese consumers also attach great importance to the reputation of a brand or product. Indeed, the Chinese are very connected and will often do a product search on the internet before buying. Other customers will influence their buying process. Their main platform to check the reputation of a product is first Baidu but especially social networks.

n terms of cosmetics, in China we see a lot of counterfeits so reputation is even more important in this country for Chinese distributors. Chinese distributors will not choose a product that is not known by Chinese consumers because it will not benefit them. The first goal of the Chinese distributor is to develop the market and make maximum profit.

They have no loyalty to a brand/ partner

Chinese retailers can also work well for years with a brand and can decide to leave it in the next minute. Which will play in favor of the brand is its reputation. Distributed brands can sometimes have a turnaround: reputation deteriorates or its sales decline. In this case, the Chinese distributor decided to abandon the brand and turn to new products. Chinese distributors do not want to invest in a brand because it is a risk-taking for them. They prefer to work with major brands of cosmetics to be sure to have a return on investment. The reputation of a cosmetic brand is very likely to change, one negative review on the product and the brand may lose much of its reputation.

Chinese distributors are very strict regarding how to distribute and choose products. Although they have worked for years with the brand and the brand suddenly does not make more sales, they immediately stop working with it for fear of losing profits.

Marketing is not one of their skills

As the name suggests, a distributor’s role is to distribute the products, they will never do marketing for a brand. If you plan to do business in China, you could not compare Chinese distributors to Sephora, Douglas, or Nocibé in the West. It’s not their responsibility to help a brand in a bad position, on the contrary, a brand that can not promote itself will not be chosen by the distributor. The distributor wants to make profits easily, therefore, seek an easy mark to distribute.

The cosmetics market is one of the most growing markets in China, all international brands wish to enter the Chinese market, but it is not always easy. Chinese distributors, therefore, have a choice in the cosmetic brands to distribute. You should know that the Chinese distributor wants to make maximum profits in a short time so if you are a cosmetics brand it must be up to the Chinese requirements. We must learn to adapt to the Chinese market and especially that most Chinese distributor sales will reach more than the maximum your brand will be on center stage.

Korean cosmetic products are very popular in China. Chinese distributors are willing to work with Korean brands because they know that these are quality products and tailored to the Chinese market, which will bring them a quick profit.

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  1. Never say never, some will invest a bit of their resource, but usually very limited that s true.
    Brands have to take their responsibility and if they are serious, they are to guide their partner to what should be done in China.

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