Chinese Marketing Strategies for Beauty Brands

China’s cosmetics market is a dynamic new market, good fo multinational companies with the rise of local companies, make the industry more variety: product structure change, the more subdivided market, a concept increasingly renovated, marketing also have their own entrance. The more promoted the development of the domestic cosmetics industry, war industry brands have been intensified. Especially the involvement of foreign brands, more make the competition upgrade, summing up its marketing strategy, can make the following description of key points: a strong advertising campaign, public relations strategy application, focusing on brand; The shop of successful marketing strategies; Super segmentation marketing strategy, can match different consumption demand; Packaging strategy design more features, more character, more quality sense; “Guiding consumption” to “track consumption” pattern evolution, more meet the demand of consumer psychology; Pay more attention to brand construction, pay attention to the market information collection, feedback, and research; Pay more attention to the cosmetics network and terminal construction.

Tell from the strategy, the internationally famous brand of cosmetics mainly adopts escorting advertisement, brand shop sales strategy, sales strategy, and network marketing strategy for the market sales. Different strategies for different enterprises need to meet different consumer demands, only one purpose, to the most artful way, the products are sold.

1. Department store counters sales:

The department store is a sign of urbanization, focus on more women shopping city, cosmetics is also one of the main items that department store. Women who choose cosmetics, still give priority to department store counters. Brand shop sales strategy for many international brands a great success.

2. Personnel of direct selling:

at present, direct selling is quite popular cosmetics, such as Mary kay, Avon, and other international brands. Also, in order to attract customers, launched a discount, or gifts, take market share.

At the same time, the emerging network technology, and promote the network marketing of cosmetics, this is kind of different from the traditional media forms of propaganda, can set market research, customer analysis, product development, product sales, and after-sales service, and other forms. Network marketing belongs to a kind of high efficiency and low-cost marketing model, now has been gradually popularized in the field of cosmetics.

3. The customer marketing strategy

Target customer marketing is a pointer to a specific customer, study the consumer psychology, using targeted marketing strategy. Here mainly analyzes women’s purchasing psychology, consumer psychology.


4. Women consuming psycology

Women than men when it comes to consumer psychology is different, so their psychological and purchase behavior also have their own characteristics. Women who buy love feel more desire, the other affected by buying environment atmosphere, impulsive and produce purchase behavior. When they are shopping, happened to see a beautician in cosmetics for customer demonstrations, vulnerable to infection, which was deeply attracted, then through the enthusiasm of the hairdresser recommended, cosmetics of the influence of the charming fragrance, it is easy to impulse once, impulse buying.

In addition, women buy cosmetics, general self-awareness is heavier, often to individual be fond of, or reference to a certain standard, the implementation of purchasing behavior. Women naturally have a good fantasy, the nerve is very sensitive, they when choose and buy cosmetics, love by subjective feeling, to see, smell, touch as a reference, and then decided to purchase behavior, this kind of special psychological characteristics, must not neglect in the sales.


5. Emotion buying process

If the sale is the emotional type product to meet to win women’s emotional and psychological identity, value the use of cosmetics is beauty, from the emotional to meet the woman of beauty, hope, youth often in psychological needs. Some famous cosmetics companies are mastered the consumption psychology of the female, don’t care about the price, emotional appeal, make the product remains popular.

Aimed at the target object, by emotional appeal case. In the early seventy s, when western women deliberate pursuit of unique individual character, Revlon cosmetics company aiming at this requirement, pioneered “Charlie” perfume, declaring “personalized” emotion, guide a way of life, don’t drive completely product propaganda function, will “Charlie” into a unique fragrance, perfume package novel unique personalized products, attracted a lot of women rushed to buy, products in short supply. Create a unique implicit marketing model. Soon after, the female’s emotional changes, from independence to the pursuit of feminine, Revlon company introduced “Joan” perfume, trying to appeal to “feminine” features, make its products by the market again. According to different consumption psychology, can create different personality brands, the personage inside course of study will be women’s state of mind when buying cosmetics, summarized as the following: vanity: analysis from the view of marketing, women have two faces, one is the truth, is a dream. Through makeup can dress up oneself, make women more beautiful, healthy, youth often in. Makeup can enhance self-confidence, be the envy of others. Some female vanity, consumer brand high-end cosmetics to reveal his own money and taste, likes to show off to others or to satisfy a curiosity.

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6. Fear:

as they grow or age, people have skin wrinkles, spots, lose elasticity, dark gloss, and gradually age. Women born beauty, naturally afraid of old, worry about premature skin aging and make the youth, beauty, therefore, will hope on the cosmetics, can dream some cosmetic retain youthful looks, so easy to have a special liking to cosmetics, even green hangs in some brand for a long time.

7. Compare heart:

women tend to be based on their own economic ability, consumption habits, and personal preferences, have more and better cosmetics than others. And this kind of competition consciousness will never be able to make them satisfied, even if the rest of my life, also can not get what she “hope”. Women don’t care about the social news, but it is very concerned about the things around them. See a colleague bought beautiful clothes, they will want to have the same clothes, and even better. If their favorite clothes the other people all have, he will feel nervous, with no superiority, this is comparing the heart.

8. Advantages of the product:

as long as there is cheap can be accounted for, women often will not refuse. This gives astute businessmen seize the opportunity to have played the “involving the big sale”, “free”, “big prize sales”, such as the right, through the street of specializes in the shop of “bargain” also arises at the historic moment. In the woman’s mind, whether practical or not, as long as have sweets to eat, they will have to spend money on cheap. Pop: women advocating popular, fashionable is their preference. For new things, they will never turn a blind eye, interest in. They are quite sensitive to the change of color, are eager to walk at the forefront of fashion forever, never willing to half a step backward, this is just the businessman’s anti-season selling trick, this is actually a kind of advanced consumption.

9. Imitate the heart:

a woman particularly liked to celebrities, often. Especially the big stars, whoever they like, like follow somehow myself. Celebrities like clothes, buy! Celebrities like jewelry, buy! Celebrity book signing, rob! So he spent a lot of money. Once popular “Jane eyre hat”, “luckily child unlined upper garment” and “hui fang” pop are based on this kind of psychology.

10. Hesitation:

women when buying goods, not decisive, attitudes are hesitant. Choose which kind of “?” Shop out east, west store, shopping for one, see more is not legal, bedazzled. Once meet with a veteran salesman, seize the moment, convincing and told them the reason of “the best”, the woman very believed, muddleheaded bought it, maybe never buy clothes to wear.

A cosmetics business operator said that factory manufacturing cosmetics, but in selling hope marketing people. Hope is a good vision, is a kind of intangible, and difficult to grasp the psychological feelings.

Sell cosmetics, actually is to promote a kind of hope, is promoting a concept.

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