How will 3D printing be helping Cosmetics in China?

Organovo, a 3-D printer specialized in bioprinting partnered with L’Oréal to develop the high-tech testing of cosmetics products. This will definitely answer the problem Cosmetics producer faced as they couldn’t test on humans and animals defenders as it has been judged a cruel practice. The next time you buy a L’Oréal product it might have been tested on a printed skin tissue!

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How it works

The 3-D printer nozzles will dispense “bio-ink,” which is composed of human cells. The ink will then forms layers on a flat hydrogel surface, finally, the cells will bond together to create the skin tissue forms. Organovo has even created blood vessels and organs using this technology.

L’Oréal has been interested in trying to develop skin-making tech for decades. To do so they established gigantic lab facilities in France dedicated to growing skin tissue, cultivated from samples of cells donated by plastic surgery patients. They then grow the samples in an environment similar to the human body, and they produce 54 square feet of the material every year. A part is kept for the own company use while the rest is sold to other companies.

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With 3-D printing, L’Oréal is betting on a faster and more efficient process, and Organovois also in a good position to use the rights of the skin models for medical purposes and drug testing. This technological advance will definitely interest many other companies from the cosmetics sector or even medical and pharmaceutical. Alongside reducing the need for animal testing, this would allow development to human testing far more quickly.

Given how animal testing has been seen with China and its examination processes, 3D printing would not only bypass the testing problems but also greatly reduce its costs.

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