The success of Japanese cosmetics in China

Chinese e-commerce market flooded by Japanese  cosmetics !

Chinese girl is making up

Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by cosmetics products. They have many expectations regarding skin and body cares because they want to use healthy goods. In addition, cosmetics brands have to tailor their strategy to Chinese girls who shift their cosmetics consumption’s behavior concerning seasons because they prefer lightening their skin.

That’s why, Japanese cosmetics products are attracting further Chinese girls. Indeed, brands cosmetics in Japan have huge products’ diversity in order to satisfy a large audience.

In addition, Chinese consumers are very connected and use e-commerce platforms so that unearth any offers or promotions concerning their favorite products. Then, they prefer buying online because they need to have their community’s advice and be ensured about good’s quality they purchase.

That’s why, cosmetics brands overseas, especially Japanese ones, take the opportunity of this attractivity and pass through these platforms in order to get more awareness and e-reputation.

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Cross-bording e-commerce




Japenese brands such as Sisheido and Kose, have succeed in penetrating the Chinese market thanks to one of the largest cosmetics’ e-commerce platform, Jumei. The both brands provide to consumers many kind of products. This allow them to increase their sales due to Chinese consumption skill’s shifting.

Moreover, the beauty platform welcomes famous foreign cosmetics brands such as Kelvin Klein, Ester Lauder and Avon. These trends are still increasing due to the e-commerce successful in China.

JD Worldwide

JD Worldwide

In addition, the brand Kao, also takes the opportunity of cross-bording e-commerce market in China. Then, Kao and JD Worldwide signed up a partnership. Now, products’ Kao are sold on the famous platform. This agreement enables Kao to attract many consumers easier to buy its beauty Japenese skincare brands such as Biore, Kanebo and Molton Brown.

Thanks to this kind of huge platforms, consumers avoid contrefeit products and are more confident regarding international brands’ pruchasing. Even if JD Worlwide is an important cross-border platform and is part of the best e-retailers, it has to fight against another popular multibrand platform, Tmall Global.


Tmall Global and Japanese brands

Since the last year, Kao have already signed up agreement with the giant Alibaba and use huge platform Tmall global which is the largest concerning cross-border sales. This partnership boosted Kao’s e-reputation and visibility among Chinese women.

Kao is not the only to profit from Tmall’s tools. Indeed, the big platform hosts over 70 000 sellers. Moreover, the famous brands “L’Occitane” and “Burberry” also have penetrated Chinese market through the famous retail platform.

Then, the famous Japanese e-commerce platform, Cosme, has invisted in Tmall Global in order to attract further Chinese consumers thanks to Chinese-language service. Japanese retailer will offer over 1000 products on Tmall for the next six months.S


Digital, a growing solution for cosmetics brands overseas !


It is very difficult for foreign companies to approach the Chinese market. Digital and e-marketing area are growing up. Nevertheless, cosmetics brands have to be aware on how market their business in China. That’s why our Marketing Cosmetics agency exists. We help foreign companies to launch their brand in China. We use many digital tools in order to increase e-reputation, awareness and visibility. We help you in SEO on Baidu and learn them to approach Chinese consumers on famous social medias in China.

Chinese consumers are very connected and need to be engaged by entertaining such as animations, gaming, videos or photos. Brands have to encourage them to share and discuss around its products. That’s why, our Marketing Agency is there !

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