JD.com in trouble in China

Users’ Data Leakage Led to Ecommerce Giant JD’s Apology



The advancement in information technology is encouraging business organizations to use digital methods to collect, store and manage data. This data includes information on every aspect of business including organization’s employees and customer. Some organization also collect credit card information of transaction of funds. They also collect personal information like phone number, postal address and ID card number to verify customer and deliver them their products quickly and effectively. It should be the utmost priority of such organizations to sensitive information of their customers at any cost. A small negligence from the company can lead to devastating results especially for their customers who may face serious financial loss due to leakage of their personal. Same incident happened recently when personal information of JD’s customers leaked.

JD famous Electronic Plateform

Actually, JD is a well-known Chinese distributor laptop, communication, and client electronic. It’s one of the biggest online direct sales companies in china in term of dealing volume. The corporate was registered by Liu Qiangdong (also known as Richard Liu) in July 1998. It started to work as B2C platform soon after its foundation. It went on-line in 2004. It started as a web magneto-optical store, however presently heterogeneous, commerce physical science, mobile phones, computers, etc. Jingdong Mall modified the name to 360buy in the year 2007, and to JD in 2013. The change in the name of the company worked for it as its online sales started to grow quickly after that.

User Information in China


Chinese e-commerce massive JD apologized for the leakage of user information on Sunday. This escape exposed myriad user’s account name, passwords, emails addresses, QQ accounts, ID numbers and phone numbers. This escape passed in 2013 in line with JD. They gave it to academic degree open offer web application framework used wide by web companies. JD have notified the patrons to update their accounts once police work. Most of the users updated their accounts in line with the JD’s announcement. But, there is a risk for the little kind of user’s administrative unit did not update their accounts. The company is telling the users to line lots of refined passwords to create more durable to crack. The company declared the users to change their passwords on a day after day. So that, no one can could crack your information and user’s information. Huxiu rumored a package of 12GB sold. This information came from JD that the package of 12GB was sold in 100k to 700k RMB. The report cited accolade executive director as speech the package had already been resold persistently and was controlled by “a minimum of one hundred scammers.” the corporate government another that it’s still unclear why info from 2013 is presently being sold. This is not the primary time the NASDAQ-listed company has had a drag with info leaks. This issue is becoming very consistent and it is certainly worrying those internet users who love to shop online. A small online purchase puts your credit card information on the server of the merchandiser where you bought the item. Any security breach in the server of that merchandiser can expose your information. It makes customers think twice while making an online purchase, therefore, lots of people prefer physical shopping through cash or debit card.

Company Responsability

It seems that company is trying to get rid of its responsibility through a polite apology but customers are not going buy a plain apology this time. They want to some monetary compensation and insurance to keep the online environment safe. If e-commerce giants are failing to protect data of their valued customers, then how can small and medium companies protect their servers. There must be a strict law against any kind of negligence of organization which can compromise users’ privacy and personal information. E-commerce companies make millions of dollars every year and they must invest reasonable amount on the security of their system.

One year past, quite hundred users filed a collective cause against JD for leaky info and banking fraud. It clearly indicates that users are not going to stay quite if the government is not going to take any action then customers will take the matter in their own hand. The case of JD is not very strong. Its apology has also clear that JD accepts its fault, therefore, it will be very difficult for the company to get out of this case clean. The only option JD has is to offer a deal to all those hundred customers who files the case but it will motivate other people to go in court. Let’s see how JD solve this dilemma and restore its reputation.

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