Katy Perry Cancel the double 11 Festival

Katy Perry should have been the brand ambassador of the double 11, Chinese E-commerce Festival

Companies love to crash every public event that brings them the best profits and guarantee higher sales and this year Alibaba.com has its own plans. To ensure that company will take up the highest profits on the Singles Day in china they have best arrangements in a lie. From the online site development, brand incorporation of application development the company has done so much to make sure that people will reach them to buy everything they want to have. The company developed such attractions that will bring up the consumers to the online stores and the local markets as well. The Pokémon go style application has made it a wonderful experience for the consumers to track the fictional character in the local marketplace and shop while playing and earning the points as well.


The final hit

After so many of the strategies and practices now, Alibaba.com has made the final hit of their brand ambassador. For the year 2016, in the Chinese E-commerce festival for the Singles on Double 11, the brand ambassador of Alibaba will be Katy Perry that is a major hit of the year. The company has made the occasion improved and ensures to beat the whole competition and being up to the platform to the next level by adopting such amazing and great scale improvements and promotions as well. The decision to have Katy Perry as the brand ambassador will defiantly prove to be effective for the company’s promotion and higher sales due to the amazing international fan following of the celebrity.

Fruit Sister

Due to her amazing costumes in the concerts and in the music videos, Katy Perry is famous in china and people love to call her Fruit Sister as well. She does have her own style that simply makes her different and great in comparison to the other celebrity of the town. In china being popular is something special for any celebrity and now Alibaba chose to use their fame and love of the people to ensure the best sales this year. In the 24hours of discounted deals, the site is going to make billions by crossing the US Black Friday’s traditions.

Stage on fire

Being the brand ambassador for Alibaba Katy Perry will have a live concert in Shenzhen that will be streamed live to Shanghai as well for the people. It will be an amazing tactic to have the boost in sales on the Single Day. Unfortunately, this one has been canceled.

Treat yourself!

The basic purpose of the Singles Day celebrations is to treat yourself with the best even if you do not have a partner yet you are your best partner. Gifting yourself something that you really love is the best feeling and you should feel proud of it. The festival is dated on November 11 every year for the Singles in China and this year the largest online retailer Alibaba.com have made it special and exclusive for all. This now comes as an e-commerce event for all the brands and business portals in the state.

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