List of Healthcare Product Distributors in China 

list of healthcare products distributors in china

The Chinese middle class is the largest in the world to spend on high-quality healthcare products. The list of healthcare product distributors in China is a good one to start your search with if you are in the Healthcare products industry and searching for ways to enter this market.

  • – Beijing Aikang Medical Investment Co. Ltd
  • – Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. Ltd.
  • -Hutchison China MediTech Limited
  • – iKang Healthcare Group, Inc.
  • – Kangding Healthcare Holdings Limited
  • – KingMed Diagnostics Center Co. Ltd.
  • – Sinopharm Group Co.
  • – United Laboratories International Holdings Ltd.
  • – WuXi AppTec Co. Ltd.
  • – Zhejiang Tianyuan Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

These Chinese distributors will help you get started in selling your healthcare products in the Chinese market. But the question is:

How to connect with Healthcare product distributors in China?

The quickest and safest way to reach Healthcare product distributors in China goes through a China established Agency.

We are your China-based Agency

Gentleman Marketing Agency is a full-service Chinese market entry consultancy. At GMA, we pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of Chinese culture and how to do business in China. Our team of Chinese and Western staff who are experts in Chinese market entry, business practices, and language can help you every step of the way, from finding the right healthcare product distributors in China to helping you navigate Chinese marketing strategies.

If you’re ready to enter the Chinese market, or if you have any questions about doing business in China, please contact us today. We have an existing rolodex of healthcare product distributors in China that they can connect you with and we would be happy to help you get started on your journey to success in China.

First Steps to Connect with Healthcare Product Distributors in China

Build your E-reputation in China and create an online presence

E-reputation and branding in China is the most important tool to achieve your goals. You must use digital media opportunities very smartly. Social media and e-commerce platforms are huge in China and they give all brands a chance to stand out and reach millions of targeted customers in the blink of an eye.

Set up PR Campaigns

If you want your brand to succeed in China, you need to make sure experts are talking about it. Getting recognition from experts will give you the trust of the audience and visibility that is crucial for success. We use digital marketing a lot, but we also know that events play a significant role to get famous and maximize your exposure.

We specialize in creating PR campaigns that are catered to the unique needs of each brand we work with. We have many years of experience working with brands all over the world and offer different packages for each one.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We accept clients of any size and budget because we believe that every business deserves quality PR assistance. Email us today to get started!

Attend tradeshows and wholesale markets

If you want to visit and communicate with potential distributors in China, we recommend finding a reliable partner or agency. Establishing trustworthy relationships is key for success in business dealings within China—one wrong move could mean the end of your business ventures there. And if you lose the trust of distributors, it will be very difficult to regain it. Your reputation is everything in China; once it’s tarnished, it may be impossible to salvage.

Be aware that Chinese businesses don’t act like western business counterparts. For instance, they will not place orders on the spot after meeting you at a trade show. Forming trust is crucial to doing business with Chinese companies. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a reliable Chinese partner who can help you follow up after the trade show and continue developing a good connection with your target healthcare products distributors.

Be prepared before you enter the Chinese market

Marketing is your responsibility

Firstly you have to acknowledge that Chinese distributors are not in the business of marketing your brand. You can’t expect your Chinese distributor to promote your goods for you because their responsibility is simply to sell them.

If you want to be successful in China, then you have to take care of marketing yourself – something Western businesses typically aren’t prepared for since they’re used to distributors taking care of this side.

Chinese business culture is based on relationships

In China, guanxi (关系)– which can be loosely translated as “connections” – is everything. To succeed in Chinese business, you need to have good guanxi with the right people. This means that personal relationships are extremely important, and something that you should be working on developing from Day 1.

Chinese distributors are often family businesses

In China, it’s not uncommon for businesses to be run by extended family members. This can make doing business with Chinese distributors a very different experience from what you’re used to in the West, where businesses are typically run by professional managers.

Need help finding the right distributors in China?

We are the Gentlemen marketing agency, your success is our priority. If you’re interested in entering the Chinese market, or if you have any questions about doing business in China, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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We would be happy to connect you with Chinese distributors who can help make your journey to success in China a reality. 


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