How do luxury brands communicate on WeChat?

The majority of international luxury brands have understood the importance of WeChat for their companies in China. WeChat offers an online platform in order to promote products and services using the principle of followers. The official WeChat account allows a user to register in order to transmit content to the subscribers and offer them different services. WeChat is considered one of the leading online advertising platforms, the others being Baidu and Weibo. As the application goes far beyond a basic messaging tool, luxury brands and marketing companies use the platform to push different campaigns to meet their different marketing needs.

How do Luxury brands use Wechat?

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1. Online to Offline (O2O): Brand SK-II

SK-II (cosmetic brand) has recently launched a WeChat campaign for the connection between the SK-II mark online and offline, inviting customers to carry out a “perfect PITERA” treatment in one of its stores In China.


The goal is to sell their products while offering a free and personalized skin test to clients.

The brand has an online store on Wechat, so, sellers can easily guide them to place their order on Wechat. After they have offered them a skincare.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Brand Coach

The American luxury brand Coach is organizing an event that encourages its existing WeChat users to invite new friends to join the brand on the app.

The objective is to offer points to the participants to enable them to obtain coupons for the purpose of buying products at the brand.

It has become increasingly difficult for luxury brands to grow their audience on WeChat, so Coach is quickly winning here by leveraging the influence of its current users to attract new buyers.

The event is meant to be fun to engage with followers and encourage them to operate their social network to support a brand they love.

3. Key opinion leaders (KOL): Brand Bulgari

The brand, Bulgari launched a “see now, buy now” campaign on WeChat.


At a Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show in Switzerland, Bulgari published an announcement about WeChat, documenting in detail the participation of the Chinese KOL Kris Wu.

Kris Wu is a Chinese celebrity

  • Number of followers : 8 million Chinese
  • Profession : Chinese singer and actor
  • Place of birth : Guangzhou, Guangdong

Kris Wu was born in China and raised in Canada. It is one of the famous singers of the group EXO.

He released his first song in his solo career in mainland China called “Time Boils the Rain” in 2014.

The song was a real success and was played 1 million times in just 3:25

Kris Wu was the ambassador of major brands such as Bulgari.

The aim of the brand is to sell its products on WeChat.

4. Game: Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss used an interactive gift hunting game to attract Chinese consumers and present his latest products. The brand created a virtual reality experience on WeChat and players had to find the four parts of a new character named “Bossbot” in his virtual store to complete the game.

Once completed, participants would go to a page containing price information, style tips, and e-commerce links to Hugo Boss’ latest products.

5. The Moments : Chanel

WeChat has recently improved its Moment advertising by adding new features to the service.

Many luxury brands, including Chanel, have been pioneers in developing advertising campaigns on the flow of WeChat moments by promoting its Spring and Summer 2010 collection for ready-to-wear clothing.


The campaign appears on the timelines of a targeted group of users, and interested viewers must click on the image to view the full advertisement.

The Chanel affair includes a 15-second video, several images of its latest products, and links to its online store.

Don: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton promoted his #makeapromise campaign on WeChat.

Partner with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the brand promises to donate 200US$ for every piece of Silver Lockit jewelry it sells to UNICEF, supporting children who need it.      


The WeChat message that supports the campaign also features many Chinese celebrities who have demonstrated their true support for the initiative and have drawn the attention of the public.


Interested parties may click on the link at the end of the publication to visit the official website presenting the special edition products, but they must order the item online and retrieve it at one of Louis Vuitton’s boutiques.

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