The Marketing Guide for Wechat

The habit of using WeChat is rooted in the behavior of Chinese consumers.

The popularity of this application has grown rapidly since its launch in 2011. 

This application allows the Chinese to be immersed in the convenience and speed of virtual communication, improving their daily lives and their work.

The monthly active user base of the application in China totaled more than 850 in 2017.

1.-WeChat-user-base (1)

Although the trend is located in China, Tencent executives expect the rapid growth of the user base continues.

So far, WeChat has not really succeeded in its attempts at international expansion. Demand has often been used in the Southeast and South Asia and Latin America.

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Characteristics of customer behavior in WeChat

What is WeChat for consumers?

WeChat is the indispensable mobile application in China, a must for social life, meeting new people, shopping, inquiring, ordering taxis or buying a plane ticket, playing online games…

WeChat is a multi-function application.

Who are the main users of WeChat?

-67.5% of the users are men because we find more men than women in the country.1.-User-employment-distribution

-Workers are the most important group of users of wechat (40.4% of users).

-These people have high purchasing power and spend much of their time on leisure and shopping. 

-Independents represent 25.3% in the user base.

There are approximately 10 million official accounts of WeChat, and 72% of them are business entities operating in various industries of the Chinese economy.

More than 54% of all official account operators have invested in their own public accounts.

-84% of all operators use public accounts to obtain information.1.-WeChat-account

Marketing campaigns and interactions with customers are also their important activities on the platform.

Due to the multifaceted nature of WeChat, many companies and brands wish to have a significant presence on this application, including Chinese and foreign entities.

Thus, they can initiate marketing to Chinese consumers on WeChat.

The platform also extends into other areas, such as coupons, charities and sports.



How long do users spend on WeChat?

The frequency of use of WeChat has increased rapidly.

One of the most important trends in Chinese consumer behavior is the daily use of WeChat.

24% of users spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour on the Wechat application, followed by 22% between 1 and 2 hours.

It can be noted that 17% of users spend more than 4 hours on Wechat.







The Marketing Guide for Wechat

What are the main user activities on WeChat? 

The main user activities on WeChat are:

  • Browse and Publish on Moments (58%)
  • Sharing information, including image, voicemail (53.5%)
  • Reading content through tracked public accounts (39.8%)
  • Sending and receiving money, including the red envelope function (33.9%)
  • Mobile payments (32.5%)
  • Sharing stickers (25.3%)
  • Use the “WeChat Shake” function (12.6%)
  • Use WeChat sports (11.4%)
  • Games (6.4%)
  • Social welfare (6.4%)

WeChat red envelope function is a mobile application developed by the Chinese technology company Tencent.

The application offers users the ability to provide money in the form of virtual “credits” to other users of the application.

The money is deposited in a user’s WeChat Pay account, which can be used for purchases. The money is given to family and friends as a gift. The application allows withdrawals from this account.

Tencent recorded 2.3 billion transactions on January 1, 2016.

Activities on the moments  (for Chinese)

Many users are addicted to “moments”, where they publish new content and share their life with friends.

The Moments is a social media feature that looks a lot like Facebook and Messenger 1.-Momentscombined.

61.4% of users check the times each time they open WeChat, and only 1.3% never check them.

61.4% of users pay more attention to personal lifestyle on Moments than anything else, and only 29.8% focus on items shared by friends.

WeChat users also like other publications, publish content and share it with their friends and leave comments.

Images and videos are the favorite content of fans of the application on Moments.

Text and simple articles attract less consumers than images and videos.

In April 2016, the WeChat team began offering video ads in moments at 180 RMB (about US $ 27.7) for targeting Beijing and Shanghai.

The minimum purchase of WeChat Moments advertising was reduced from RMB 200,000 (approximately US $ 30,418) to RMB 50,000 (approximately US $ 7,605) to attract more small and medium-sized businesses to WeChat.

Reading news

Users spend a lot of time reading the latest news and watching fun videos.

The news is more read on Wechat than on specialized websites, television or newspapers combined.

  • 40% of users check WeChat news
  • 20.6% of respondents read them on other websites
  • 8% learn it from television programs.

Online Shopping 

Online shopping has become a commonplace for Chinese consumers.

In 2016, WeChat’s share of online buyers more than doubled to 31%.









WeChat as a digital wallet

Many people use WeChat for payments and transactions.

Nowadays, the very nature of Chinese consumer behavior has become very digital. An estimated 200 million users tied their credit cards on demand to make payments for purchases or transfer money over the phone. 70% of the users of the application spend more than 100 RMB or 13, 30 € per month and the number of people using the demand for transactions is expected to increase.


Wechat avoids credit card fees when traveling outside of China.

The expansion of the cross-border payment service of the platform allows Chinese tourists to make payments in more than 20 countries around the world.

The main reasons for using WeChat for online payments are:

  • Users can pay by phone, which is very convenient as most Chinese stores accept online WeChat payments in store (44.9%).
  • Users can benefit from discounts and promotional campaigns (39.2%)
  • It is easy to use WeChat for payments (46.2%)


WeChat Life Service
WeChat is more than chatting, sharing content and making payments.

More than 60% of consumers use WeChat Life Service.

Users can order wine, food, send instructions to their butler, showroom, share a location in real time with friends, pay bills, book appointments with a doctor, etc.


Prospects for the future (Marketing & Communication)

WeChat is a paradigm of innovation in communication on the Internet.

As a result, many Western companies are seriously monitoring WeChat in order to organize transformation and change strategies for their own applications.

Most international companies that want to enter or survey the Chinese market are considering creating an account with WeChat.

This is an essential step towards launching their products and marketing them to Chinese consumers, and to succeed in China.

At this point, it is absolutely impossible to imagine that another application could take into account the power and reputation of WeChat for Chinese people and business entities.

WeChat is China’s most popular mobile messaging application

Although the behavior of Chinese consumers is changing rapidly, WeChat will certainly remain an essential and organic part of the Chinese consumer culture.

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