Men’s cosmetics are taking over China in 2020

When we talk about beauty products, we usually think of a female clientele. But think twice! Men also have every right to take care of themselves, and they even tend to like to do it more and more. Although this market remains largely a minority in this big market of cosmetics, it is one of the most dynamic ones.

Giant potential in male cosmetics in China

According to Statista, the men’s cosmetics sector in China is increasing, specifically skincare products for men. In 2016, Chinese male skincare products and solutions accounted for 52.2% of the total market. In 2018, the male skincare market was estimated to reach RMB15.4 billion. In 2019, the growth rate of male beauty products is higher than that of women, 31% year-on-year growth and 29% respectively, and this market continues to grow at a very fast pace. It is estimated growth of 15.2% over the next 5 years, compared to a global average of 11%. According to Tmall, China is entering the Chinese ‘Male Beauty Era’.

The cosmetics market is the third market in which the Chinese consume the most, after accommodation and food. Men’s skincare has grown by more than 70% and men’s make-up by more than 15%. And that’s not going to stop!

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More men than women in China

Traditionally in China, it is better to have a male child. Because if a family has a child, the kid will carry the family name, the family traditions, and take care of his parents when they are old. While a woman will have to take care of her in-laws.

It is for these reasons that since the one-child policy, many abortions have been practiced in China when learning the female gender of the future baby.

Even though this policy is now abolished, the gender imbalance persists. There are more men than women in the country, and when this country has more than 1.4 billion people, it immediately creates a very large potential market.

Strong Korean influence on China’s men cosmetic market

Video content of a Korean KOL – Brute Choi

Korean soft power is getting stronger around the world. However, in China, it is already well established. The young Chinese are numerous to display a Korean style, as much by their fashion than by their aesthetics.

Indeed, Korean men are much more open than other nationalities on the matter of cosmetics. They do not see why only women should take care of their skin and beautify themselves with make-up. Men thus also have their beauty care routine, most skincare. But some men even do make-up. There are also many make-up tutorials published by Korean men.

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A more open generation in China

With the economic development of China came its urbanization, its modernization. The Chinese, especially urban youth, has thus been largely influenced by Westerners and have relatively changed their consumption habits.

The new generation is more open-minded. They accept changes more easily than their parents and are curious about novelty. That’s what pushed young Chinese people to pay more attention to their skin. Their favorite products are facial cleansers and products to control excess sebum.

How to conquer the Chinese men’s cosmetic market?

KOLs boost your brand awareness

Men’s skincare tutorial on Xiaohongshu

The inhabitants of big cities are accustomed to massive advertising; they are omnipresent in their environment. But they prove to be less and less effective.

Indeed, word of mouth remains very important in China. Residents will therefore trust more their relatives, friends, or KOLs than they trust more than advertising.

Key Opinion Leaders have a large community of fans who follow their lives with great interest. They would not question the quality of a product if their favorite influencer advocates it.

E-commerce helps you to reach more customers

China is one of the most connected countries in the world. It is possible to do everything here with your smartphone. Most payments have been digitized and this has greatly changed the consumption habits.

Men’s skincare products on Tmall

As the delivery services are extremely fast and the choice on the internet is huge, e-commerce has quickly become the best way for Chinese consumers to shop.

It allows them to save time and money! In addition, beauty products are the most ordered products on Taobao and Tmall, in front of shoes and handbags. Selling your products on Tmall can not only save your time and money but also can help you to reach more customers.

Social networks help your men’s cosmetic products more exposure

Chinese spend an average of more than 6 hours a day on social networks. Especially on WeChat, the most used app in China, which hundreds of millions of Chinese are addicted to and use several times every day. In 2020, WeChat has more than 1.2 billion users.

They can follow the news of their friends but also the ones of their favorite brands via an official account on WeChat. Having an official account on Chinese social networks used is a crucial step in the establishment of a brand in this country. This is essential to build a community and give visibility to your brand.

In addition, thanks to WeChat’s “mini-programs”, it is also possible to sell your products through the app. For users, they don’t need to download ant apps. With one click, they can open your online shop via Wechat mini program and start to purchase.

In addition to WeChat, there are many other social platforms in China. For example, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, TikTok, etc. Since Foreign social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China, if you want to use social media marketing, you have to get to know the Chinese social networks.

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