Miranda Kerr uses Tmall to launch her organic cosmetics in China

In recent years there has been a growing interest in organic products around the world. This trend came a little bit more slowly in Asia, especially in China where this label is not necessarily well understood. However, it is becoming more and more attractive and the organic market is steadily growing in China. Especially in the cosmetics market, in which the Chinese are willing to spend more to ensure the quality of the products, especially through e-commerce. This market is so large that it should even exceed 50 billion dollars by 2050. China is currently the second largest market in the world for cosmetics (behind the United States).

Miranda Kerr, the Australian supermodel

miranda kerr sells products on tmall

The opportunities are thus really big there. More and more international brands are eager to take advantage of it. But while it may seem complicated to set up in such a different country, a famous Victoria’s Secret’s “angel” had it all good! Miranda Kerr, the Australian supermodel, launched her organic cosmetics brand “KORA Organics” in 2009. As she is always under the spotlight, constantly wearing tons of makeup, the model realized that her skin was suffering from it. After searching for organic and effective products without success, she decided to launch her own range of products. She worked with a lab in Melbourne to find the perfect formula for her brand. She also manages herself the marketing aspect of her brand as well as the manufacture of cosmetics.

With this brand, Miranda wanted to convey a philosophy of well-being, of connection between mind, body and skin. This lifestyle dynamic “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is gaining popularity in China. Their culture already allowed them to have a special approach towards the environment. Because in traditional Chinese philosophy, it is very important to respect the nature and balance of the environment. But after the repeated health scandals that have hit the country and the global wave that has made healthy lifestyle a trend, more and more Chinese people are turning to this philosophy.

KOL natural cosmetics

In addition, knowing that cosmetics are on average the third largest source of expenditure for Chinese consumers, we understand the incredible market of organic cosmetics! The Korean brand “Innisfree” is the proof. This brand of natural and organic cosmetics is very popular in China. While Chinese women tend to turn to Japanese beauty brands, Innisfree is good and remains among the favorite brands of Chinese consumers. If the brand persists, it is largely thanks to their strong marketing communication that promotes the 100% green side of its products from Jeju Island in Korea.

The brand KORA also plays a lot on the natural side of its brand; it is its main asset, asset that is very efficient in China! Its products are certified without toxins, pesticides or chemicals. All products are natural: rose-hip oil, olive oil, pomegranate and the flagship ingredient of its line, Noni juice.

Miranda Kerr understands the importance of the Chinese market. That’s why last March, she live opened her first store on Tmall in front of more than 200,000 viewers. Tmall is a Chinese e-commerce platform operated by the Alibaba Group. The site has more than 500 million active users per month, making it one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. It is one of the most effective ways as a foreign company to sell its products in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. More than 80% of companies wishing to conquer this market have also used Tmall as a first step in this market.


Here are the benefits to using Tmall for your brand if you want to establish in China:

  • High visibility

Tmall is the first e-commerce platform in China. The second is JD.com. Together they control most of the online sales traffic. Wanting to bet on the sale of your products only through your own site can be a risky bet, because these two platforms are so big that they could block the light to yours.

  • You keep control

With Tmall, Jack Ma wanted to offer the provider an e-commerce platform in which they would keep a lot of responsibility. Because once on Tmall, the brand must always take care of the promotion of its brand, the delivery of its products, the management of customer service etc. Even if you will not get as much information as having your own site, you still get the freedom to manage your brand the way you want (unlike JD.com).

  • A reassuring platform for Chinese consumers

The Chinese need to trust a brand before consuming its products. Before any purchase they will learn about the internet, look at the opinions of consumers, seek advice from those around them etc. By offering your products on the largest e-commerce site in China, consumers will already be less hesitant to order because they know that this platform is a trusted site.

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