Plastic Surgery in China: High Demand, Low Satisfaction, an Opportunity for Foreign Clinics

china plastic surgery market

Plastic surgery is booming in China. In the past, most Chinese patients would travel to South Korea for surgery, but now an increasing number of clinics are popping up in China. The high demand and low satisfaction present a unique opportunity for clinics that can provide quality service. Clinics that can provide good value and high-quality care will be successful in this growing market. Surgery centers must take into account the cultural differences between Chinese patients and Western patients if they want to be successful in China. If you’re looking to start to attract Chinese customers to your clinic, or expand your current clinic into this market, this post is for you. There is certainly money to be made in plastic surgery in China, but it won’t be easy…

The number of Chinese people seeking cosmetic surgery is on the rise

With a CAGR of 8.2%, the global aesthetic medicine market is growing steadily from 2015 to 2019, with China’s domestic market set for 15% growth over the 2020-2023 period – globally and for the same period the growth rate is estimated at about 8%. From RMB 64.8 billion in 2015 to 176.9 billion in 2019 the Chinese plastic surgery market has experienced quite the growth.

With a much lower penetration rate (around 3% in 2019) and a much larger population combined with rapid growth, the Chinese plastics surgery market really is a gold mine compared to the more mature market (Korea and Japan). By 2023, China is expected to have a market for cosmetic surgeries that tops $46 billion. This means there are more than 25 million people seeking out treatments.

A growing number of Chinese women are using cosmetic surgery to achieve larger eyes, higher cheekbones, and slimmer legs. Many are trying to imitate Wu’s elegant style, which is influenced by the manga comics of Japan, South Korea’s K-Pop, and Western culture.

Many men are having breast implants done to look bigger. Similar to that for women, the procedure is the same except that the implants are harder and different shaped. The stitches are then removed after approximately one week. The procedure costs $1200. The majority of people who had the procedure said that they did it because they believed a stronger chest would attract a partner, impress a client, or impress a boss.

There are a few reasons why more and more Chinese people are turning to plastic surgery:

  • First, there is increasing pressure from society to have a certain look. There is a lot of pressure on women in China to look young and flawless, and cosmetic surgery is seen as a way to achieve this ideal.
  • Second, there is an increasing number of people who can afford it are willing to undergo surgery. And finally, China’s booming economy has made it possible for more people to afford surgery.
  • Finally, plastic surgery is often portrayed as a luxurious and status-enhancing activity in China.

However, many patients are unhappy with the results obtain at chinese Clinics

Here are 3 reasons for that:

  • The country has an estimated 80,000 illegal plastic surgery clinics compared to just 13 thousand legal ones.
  • If you think clinics legally recgonised were a better options, you’de be kinda wrong as well. Indeed, The consultancy iResearch reported that about 15% of legal clinics perform types of operations they do not have a certification for.
  • Lake of awareness by patient about the ineherent risks that cosmetics surgery represents and a certain romantization of the process by clinics that don’t shy away from shady marketing promising perfect results no matter what.
  • Procedures for reparations from these clinics is complex and require a lot of times and ressources but are rarely solved.

This presents an opportunity for foreign clinics to attract Chinese patients

As a result of the 3 points mentioned above, the number of disputes on the matter of plastic surgery received by China’s Consumer Association has risen tenfolds since 2015. The terrible reputation accumulated by Chinese cosmetic surgery clinics really is an opportunity for foreign clinics that enjoy better status. Foreign clinics are more often than not associated with lower risks and more qualified doctors.

Generally speaking, patients may be more likely to trust foreign clinics because they believe that the procedures offered by these clinics are of a higher quality than those available in China. Additionally, foreign clinics may be seen as being more prestigious and thus more desirable than Chinese clinics. Additionally, many Chinese patients feel that the staff at foreign clinics are more professional and knowledgeable about the latest surgical techniques.

How to gain the trust of Chinese patients

Trust is an essential factor in making decisions in a country like ours. To gain popularity, it is important to improve its visibility. Chinese consumers do extensive research before making any purchase this is particularly true for any medical procedure. A strong reputation and reputation can increase the willingness of others to contact you in order to learn more about the benefits of your offer.

Build Your Plastic Surgery Reputation Through Chinese Social Media:

Social media platforms are widely used in China, they offer an effective way for clinics to reach out to potential patients and inform them of the services that they offer. Given the high levels of competition among plastic surgery clinics in China, online marketing through social is an effective way to differentiate one’s clinic from the rest and attract new patients and to engage with potential customers. China has a vast social media landscape and you don’t have to be on all of them, but here are a few you should considere:

  • Wechat:

Foreign plastic surgery clinics need Wechat marketing to reach out to potential Chinese patients. Wechat is the most popular social media platform in China, and it’s the best way to connect with potential patients and promote your clinic. Wechat allows you to create a official account for your clinic, which you can use to post updates about your clinic, offer discounts or free consultations, and run promotional campaigns. You can also use Wechat to accept bookings from patients and track patient engagement with your clinic. Wechat is not the best way to reach out to new potential customers but it is the vest when it comes to nurtering.

  • Weibo: If wechat ain’t great to gain visibility, Weibo definitly is!

A plastic surgery clinic’s marketing strategy should be tailored to the specific needs of the target market. For a foreign clinic, Weibo is an ideal platform for reaching potential Chinese patients. Weibo is a social media platform that is very popular in China. It offers a way for clinics to share information about their services, and it provides a forum for patients to ask questions and learn more about the procedures offered by different clinics. Clinics that use Weibo effectively can build trust with potential patients and create awareness of their services. The app also offer well performing native avdertising. Just like facebook, weibo is well suited for paid advertising.

  • Little Red Book:

Reviews, testimonials and beauty/health focused, the little red book is defintily the app you should not ignore! First and foremost, the little red book app is a verified and trustworthy source of information for consumers. The app provides contact information, ratings, and reviews for businesses in mainland China, so it’s a valuable tool for people who are looking for reliable information about clinic.

Gain Credibility & Visibility with Baidu SEO

Foreign plastic surgery clinics need Baidu SEO to succeed in China.

  • First, Baidu is the most used search engine in China, so if your clinic isn’t ranking high on Baidu, it’s likely that few people in China will know about your clinic.
  • Second, given the high demand for plastic surgery in China, many clinics are vying for attention from potential patients and beig visible on Baidu, will reassure patient that you are a credible, real clinic.
  • And finally, because there is a lot of misinformation and confusion about plastic surgery in China, potential patients often rely on online reviews and search engine rankings to make their decision about which clinic to choose. So if you’re not doing well with Baidu SEO, you’re likely to lose out to your competitors.

Your site must be optimized to meet the requirements of the market. You will need to provide Internet users with a Mandarin-language site that contains accurate information about your company, its history, values, and philosophy. Hosting your website in China is a great way to increase your SEO visibility.

Use Chinese Specialty Forums & Q&A officially and undercover

Forums are a great way to connect with potential patients and get them interested in your services in the right place. Additionally, it’s a great way to build trust and credibility among potential patients. By providing valuable information and answering questions on forums like Zhihu, you can help convince potential patients that you’re an expert in your field and that they can trust you with their safety and well-being. By using this forums undercover, you create and maintain a discussion about your services and gain control over the narrative.

Disatisfaction over local clinics is a chance to seize for foreign beauty provider

The potential for plastic surgery in China is huge, but the market is currently dominated by local clinics. International clinics have an opportunity to break into this market, but they will need to adopt a communication strategy tailored specifically to Chinese patients. Our team of experts can help you develop a plan that will earn the trust of Chinese patients and drive sales growth in this lucrative market. Contact us today to get started!

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