Simple but effective techniques to promote your brand on WeChat

Simple but effective techniques to promote your brand on WeChat

In China, in the cosmetics industry and many other areas, Chinese consumers attach great importance to the word of mouth and the opinion of other customers. Indeed, these two elements can affect the buying decision of the Chinese consumer. Brands have understood that the most direct way to communicate with customers is WeChat. WeChat is the social network most used in China and can be considered as an ecosystem. If you do not already know this application, I suggest you read this article. To connect with Chinese consumers, WeChat is the most effective way. WeChat also helps as a platform for users to share information or show their products and experience. We’ll show you 5 strategies to promote your beauty mark on WeChat. And better understand the functions of this giant in China.

1) Encourage Followers to follow you on WeChat

To attract customers, the brand can use promotions as a strategy: by offering samples or discounts. This is the same principle on WeChat, attract users using the same technique.
For example, the user will follow L’Oreal’s official account to become a member of the brand. To find the brand just scan the QR code of L’Oréal Paris, then following the brand the user will receive a virtual membership card. Then, the user will enter his phone number to complete the process. Thereafter, the user will thus be able to enjoy the various offers. L’Oréal still remains active through more traditional marketing strategies such as advertisements and also through his Weibo account.

Make up genius in China L'OREAL

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2) Know your customers

It is now important to consider its customers, that is to say, to accompany them individually in their buying process. It has become important to interact with the consumer but also personalize. The function of instant messages is useful to be close to the consumer. The brand may use WeChat to discover its products to consumers, by providing additional information, features, and functionality. The products will be highlighted with different themes to encourage the consumer to buy.

Chinese cosmetic brand Chando publishes articles on topics rather interesting: how a lifestyle is not healthy or radiation computers and smartphones can make dull skin. These topics will allow users to be aware and informed about products to whiten and nourish the skin. The brand has used these topics to advise its products to users.

These topics are discussed on media platforms such as yoka, pclady and Onlylady. These campaigns will be used to improve the image of the brand and catch the public’s attention.


3) Sales are coming !

Beauty brands can use WeChat to announce promotions, offers to attract consumers. Each month L’Oreal Paris announces on their WeChat account information related to the coming month promotions. By providing information to customers in advance, they can identify the product of their choice to buy at discounted prices. This action will allow to increase the number of followers and also consumer involvement. Furthermore, L’Oréal remembers to put at the end of his message and a link to share and to purchase.

QR code Loreal

4) Make purchases directly from WeChat

WeChat has many features, brands have lots of choices to promote themselves in China. WeChat is still growing and continues to implement many features. One of the key functions of WeChat is its online payment system, which is compatible with many beauty brands. Users can therefore make online payments directly from the app WeChat, making the application even more convenient. Chinese beauty brand named Inoherb uses its WeChat account to direct users to its online store on Tmall. The brand uses WeChat to spread its marketing campaigns and increase the traffic of visitors to its online store Tmall.

wechat (1)

5) Discuss with consumers


One of the many advantages of WeChat is its respect for privacy. The WeChat messaging function between users and brands is more private than other social networks. Users can give their opinions and ask questions to brands without having to reveal their issues to the public.
L’Oréal set up a “Question / Answer private chat”. Every month they gather the most frequent questions and mail the answers via WeChat. The questions are quite diverse, they can be tips to help clients with skin problems for example. There is also little competition for prizes to 5 winners. This campaign will help to better target consumers on the one hand. Secondly, it will help consumers better understand the brand and the products, and customer loyalty.

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