South Korea and its cosmetic’s success in China

The South Korea beauty industry and cosmetic surgery are very well-known.

The fact is that Chinese tourists are going to South Korea with the desire to purchase relatively inexpensive cosmetics brands has helped to increase the country’s economy.

This year, over 4.7 million Chinese have traveled to South Korea, being 4.3 million Chinese who traveled in 2013. The 90 percent of Chinese costumers buy cosmetics products via Lotte Duty Free, due to that store is duty-free.


South Korea is a small but very powerful country. Singers, soap operas and trends of this country fascinate the world and generate much money. And one of its specialties is the beauty.

In India, Korean brands are the favorites, according to a survey of Japanese newspaper Nikkei Inc.; in Vietnam, cosmetics LG are leaders; and in China, the expansion of “made in Korea” is unstoppable: in 2012 the sales of their products grew 34% there.

The quality and variety of Korean cosmetics are unbeatable. In Korea, beauty industry sell everything like bleaching formulas, creams, make-up, facial masks. In addition, its formulas are adapted to wet weather, the characteristics of the dermis and tastes. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find sunscreens SPF below 50.


There are a big number of cosmetic varieties in Asia because each country owns its beauty standards. While in occident is desiring a bronzed skin Asians’s girls prefer a porcelain flawless skin. A big number of beauty products are made in South Korea. There are a lot of cosmetics brands and most of them are very successful.

Amorepacific Corp is the biggest cosmetics maker in South Korea and its shares have been duplicated this year. On the other hand, shares in brands as Sansung Life & Science Co Ltd have grown seven times more or four times more for Hankook Cosmetics.


K-pop and Korean soap operas are helping to increase the popularity of Korean cosmetics brands. The main reason for the success of South Korean brands is that chinese consumers are copying the style of South Korean music stars and they want to use the same products than them.

Tv show, “My Love from the Star” has been very popular in China. The show had featured product placements of Laneige cosmetics, which are Amorepacifi’s property.

Other reason of Korean’s brands success is its good quality, impeccable service and amazing price. For example the price of a good moisturizer is around 12 euros. Korean cosmetics are very demanding with its products. For example, AmorePacific has several research centers on the continent.


As reported by Fung Business Intelligence Center, in Chinese department stores, cosmetic products are the selling items. Last year, China population have spent over 162.5 billion yuan on cosmetics. That industry has grown 13,3 percent each year.

Korean beauty industry promotes a different lifestyle concept. The South Korean people considers cosmetics as necessities. For them is normal spend a big amount of money in their appearence and they are willing to buy the latest invention.

At this time, South Korea is the market for innovation and where are the best experts in skincare. However it could be appropiate to say that Korea has a superficial culture which is related to the image.




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  2. It is true that K-pop and Korean soap operas are helping to increase the popularity of Korean cosmetics brands. Would you have any advice on which strategy is the best to launch a Korean brand in China?

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