Top 10 Live-Streaming Apps for Beauty Brands in China


After Corona Virus lockdowns closed stores and interrupted the regular operations of luxury stores. They seek other ways to find their target customer. What better way in the era of information than using the Live streaming app and live streaming services which are having a BOOM in the Chinese market using these to push their sales through online platforms. The second world’s largest economy is on a non-stop improving their service on E-Commerce. As 2020 continue its normal course we offer you recent data on how these live-streaming apps are overtaking people’s attention and converting people’s time in traffic to their platforms. These portals have strong platforms for interacting with their viewers through message sharing, product promotion, and business branding. Chinese social Media are outperforming and are changing the way we share information.

Our top 10 Chinese live-streaming apps:

  1. Yiyi Live
  2. Douyu TV
  3. Huajiao
  4. Yingke
  5. Yizhibo
  6. Taobao Live
  7. Douyin Live
  8. RED live
  9. JD Broadcast
  10. Pinduoduo Live

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Chinese eCommerce Evolving with technology

China is the target market for global traders to promote their luxury products. Recently lawmakers have been easing restrictions with tax reductions, easy steps for setting up companies in China.  According to the “2020 Insights on China’s Live Broadcasting Industry” released by Mob Research Institute, in March 2020, the live broadcasting industry had more than 150 million mobile users.

Right now, the Chinese high profile class is showcasing adrenalin rush to open the cross-device compatible e-commerce platform to buy products. These homegrown live streaming channels in the Chinese version must be resorted to customers to do shopping in a care-free mind. Immigrants who are settled in advanced countries feel free to pay visits to these live streaming sites to have a look at the galleries to download cheap jailbroken tools for recreation. They will get free access to the repositories to have top gaming tools, and e-commerce toolkit, and innovative marketing tools for easy communication. People are interested to opt for the top 10 Chinese applications for having current updates about online product promotions and shopping as well.

Top 10 Live-Streaming Apps for Beauty Brands in China

1. YY Live 

YY Live,  At present, YY Live is the largest national live entertainment platform including music, technology, outdoor, sports, games, and other content in China, with 1 billion registered users and 122 million monthly active users. It was first built on the platform of a powerful enrichment communication tool-YY Voice.

YY Live has always paid attention to the full release of UGC’s creativity, with concerts, games, chats, DJs, storytelling, and other performance forms all having fixed participants and fans; since 2015, YY Live has also begun to vigorously develop PGU content, A series of live broadcasts have been produced, such as 1931 Girls Idol Group, “Big Singers”, “Crazy Coffee Comes Up”, “World’s Top 100 DJ Shows”, “Nine Palaces” and so on.

2. Douyu TV

Douyu TV was brought in 2013 to tempt Chinese customers. It is an e-sport live streaming niche for those who like video gaming, sports and fun things to do. Buy products at discounts. Tencent invested money to buy it back for a product promotional campaign.

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However, this live streaming platform is also popular to give space for hotel booking and reservation purposes. Hilton Hotel booking for vacation is conducted via this live streaming portal. 1.2 million viewers are excited to visit Douyu TV.

3. HuaJiao

A mobile social live broadcast platform with strong attributes in China, focuses on life after 90 and 95, and interacts and shares every day. Hundreds of celebrities have settled in, and users can learn about the star’s fresh and lively side through live broadcasting.

HuaJiao has launched hundreds of self-made live broadcast programs, covering culture, entertainment, sports, tourism, music, fitness, variety shows, sitcoms, and other fields. Whether it’s a talk show, a singing band performance, or a celebrity host, you can see it at Huajiao.

4. Yingke

Yingke lives broadcast, mobile live broadcast platform. On June 17, 2016, Tencent Appbao released the May App of Star App, and Yingke Live was successfully listed.
On July 12, 2018, Yingke officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Became the first stock of live entertainment on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

5. Yizhibo

“First Live”  translated in English, is a large-scale live program created by Southern TV Station TVS1. “First Live, Live Events” is the slogan of the program. Since its first broadcast in 2013, “First Live” has been committed to the most eye-catching live broadcast event.

6. Taobao live broadcast platform

Taobao Live can be said to be the leading platform for live broadcasting. Taobao has been operating for so many years and already has a lot of traffic.


For some novice live broadcasters, if you want to increase traffic in a short time, you can choose Taobao Live to start.

7. Douyin, fast live broadcast platform

Douyin, Kuaishou live streaming platform is the same type of live streaming platform, and it is also a rising star. Douyin, Kuaishou is popular because of a short video, which has brought a video shopping mode.


In addition to the development of fragmented content, video has become the trend of the public, but before joining the Douyin and Kuaishou live broadcast platforms, there are certain certification thresholds, and everyone should pay attention to check the relevant rules before opening.

Read Douyin vs Kuaishou: what is best to promote a beauty brand in China

8. Xiaohongshu live broadcast platform

The Xiaohongshu platform is a platform for growing grass with social content, but at the end of last year it was officially announced that the live broadcast function was connected, but Xiaohongshu has laid the label of female e-commerce from the beginning, so it may be a little more for the crowd.

At present, the source of Xiaohongshu live streaming traffic is the platform’s own traffic and Xiaohongshuda’s private domain traffic. Most of the recommended products are cosmetics and clothing, and basically belong to well-known brands.


Xiaohongshu is more suitable for recording and sharing videos. The key to obtaining live streaming for brand companies is how to integrate scattered private domain traffic and public domain traffic.


9. Jingdong live broadcast platform

JD live broadcast seems to be not well-known, but the JD platform has high e-commerce attributes, and its consumption ability is relatively strong. From the perspective of the current JD live broadcast platform, most of it is based on evaluation and physical display.

At present, does not have representative web celebrity anchors and merchants. However, will be more inclined to launch a combination of explosive merchants and anchors to attract more, because of its huge user base and the advantages of’s full-category e-commerce. Merchants join.

1°. Pinduoduo live broadcast platform

The Pinduoduo live broadcast platform began to test water at the end of last year. Judging from the relevant data, the Pinduoduo anchor is mainly based on small commodities with low customer prices, agricultural products, or local specialties. For brands with sinking demand, Pinduoduo has now stationed Not many merchants, it is a traffic pool worth trying. .


The above are the 6 most used live streaming platforms introduced by the editor, in no particular order. Of course, there are also some small live streaming platforms such as Mushroom Street, Watermelon Video, etc. Enterprises can choose according to their own needs

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