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British International School in Shanghai : Founded in 1859 by Queen Victoria, the prestigious Wellington College was established as a monument to Britain’s most renowned military figure, the Duke of Wellington. The University takes its inspiration from this famous figure who Queen Victoria described as ‘’the greatest man this country has ever produced’’. Perhaps this is what drives the phenomenal academic success of the Wellington College University.

Shanghai British School Wellington

During the past decade this vibrant educational establishment scaled new heights in the modern eras interconnected and globalised world and today, the College has become one of the most respected schools in Great Britain. It is known as one of the greatest institutions in terms of pioneering, transforming, and innovating the education process for students.


Wellington College; Pioneers in the Field of Education

Throughout the past 150 years, Wellington College has been responsible for successfully educating a vast number of students (otherwise referred to as Old Wellingtonians) who have gone on to become ardent supporters of the school after graduating. It is the links with the British Royal family and the colleges own prestigious history that give the college such a proud & rich heritage.


Wellington College International Shanghai prides itself on furthering this historical record of success with it’s excellent facilities and variety of resources available to both staff and students. The campus provides the very best educational environment and offers everything required for academic and extracurricular excellence in today’s complex modern world.

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At the academic heart of the school is the college library. Offering a diverse range of resources for students it serves as a multimedia centre to help encourage independent study, especially for prep and senior school pupils. The libraries most basic goal however is simple; to encourage a love of reading and studying. In this same light, the science laboratories, art room and design technology suites have all been developed to encourage a passion for carrying out practical work, whilst also gaining an understanding of the theoretical side. Developing and encouraging creativity is a key tenet of the College, which is reflected in the design of such facilities.

The College also plays host to a multitude of arts. The performing arts centre offers dedicated practice rooms, a state of the art dance studio, the black box theatre space and a huge 500 seat college theatre which is used for the colleges major productions and concerts, as well as regular school assemblies. Industry level lighting and sound technology are available to offer students the feel of a professional production. Such high level facilities equip students with vital experience & transferable skills for their later careers.

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Sports are also considered as highly important at the College. Again, the sporting facilities offered by Wellington College are exceptional. Tennis and basketball courts, three football pitches, two swimming pools and a sports hall are all available. However, what really makes the sporting facilities of the college stand-out is their state of the art indoor sports dome and 400 metre, all weather synthetic running track. Fitness & sports not only benefits the health of students but also provides an infrastructure for a positive social life & community.



Wellington College : British International School in Shanghai

Wellington College has successfully created a caring learning community that strives to develop and encourage students to become well rounded individuals. Wellingtons vision is based on a model of holistic education and pastoral provision that effectively establish the values and attitudes of a global citizen. Their goal is to inspire students to become independent, intellectual and inclusive individuals.


The college encourages students to develop personal, social and study skills to well equip them for living successfully in an ever-changing and diverse world. A specifically designed curriculum, as well as co-curricular programmes that focus on character development and leadership skills reflect this.


Encouraging the ability to think critically and having the skills to engage in deep learning are fundamental goals of Wellington College. An inquisitive nature, and out of the box thinking will help encourage a life-long love of learning.


Moral values and social conscience are critical to developing into a well rounded human being and doing good in life. The college will ensure that students graduate from the college with both these traits.


Individuality is key in this modern world. Pioneers & entrepreneurs are independent thinkers with the vision to actualize their ideas in the context of the wider, global community.

British International School in China

Wellington College has prioritized the development of all these traits in their students and focuses on Academic Excellence, the reputation of the College is unsurpassed. This British International School in Shanghai is now working with increasing numbers of Chinese students with Mainland China set to benefit from Wellington College’s pioneering work.

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    It fosters amongst its students an appreciation and respect for their respective cultures, and in particular for those of its host country.
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