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Video Shouting & editing

In-house quality video from concept to editing to promote your brand beautifully.

Video Promotion

A video or any content is useless if no one sees it. We will promote it for you.

China Social Media

Douyin, bilibili, Weibo, wechat.. we help you register in Chinese social media.

Community management

Now that your video has visibility, you need to guide the discussion, entertain and help your followers.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing starts at the conceptualisation of a strategy. What content are you going to shoot? Does it need to be expensive luxurious video? Lets first figure out your need and save resources. Video is perfect for story telling, to engage with your viewers and create emotion that would be challenging to depict in text or picture. However be careful not to upset your audience with inappropriate content. Mastering the culture you are targetting is a definite plus to avoid faux pas.

Social Media, Kols and Videos

There are many ways to promote your video: on forums, on groupe chat (wechat), on your online store (taobao, little red book) and social media (weibo, douyin, kuaishou, bilibili). Another kind of video promotion is via Kols. Kols have great power in China because they are seen as pair by Chinese consumers, therefore more trusted than official sources.

Video Marketing - Frequently Asked Question

Why Video marketing in China?

It is much easier to reach Chinese consumers by using a video than publishing written contents. The video remains easily in people’s mind and with this stronger impact, the brand gains in popularity. Professional videos are the additional element that makes the difference among the competition and having experts in this field that also understand the Chinese market is all beneficial for you

Are videos a good tool for ecommerce in China?

It is no coincidences that Chinese super-popular apps such as douyin are turning to eCommerce to developed and monetized their user's bases. On the other, hands huge eCommerce platforms such as Taobao are developing live streaming and video partnership with social media such as Weibo, douyin and kuaishou to reach out to more customers and convert them. There is a real demand for video eCommerce in China and the data are prooving it.