Welcoming gesture of China for non-animal tested imported cosmetic products

Animal testing of the product is a practice which got adopted for centuries. It considered a cruel and shameful process to torture the animals to fulfill the beauty requirements of some people, much criticized all over the globe. Everybody admire China to be the heaven for the marketing of a product, the charm of this market not only attract the local manufacturer but also the big international names are not spared from it. Currently, China demanded the imported product to be animal tested, so due to this condition, many of the manufacturing companies have had to perform those cruel tests on the animal. Although it is not a valid excuse for such practice, however, everything is pushed to the back where there is an opportunity for a lot of money making.


Moreover, it is the first time in the history of China that it is really on the verge of 100 percent acceptance for a non-animal test, for the verification of the safety of the imported products related to cosmetics.

China has announced this regulation will be banned in the future already

If we go back in the year 2014, then it was the first time when China made an announcement that it will no longer be a requirement for the products manufactured in China to animal-tested.  However, the further step is now taken by China by announcing that even the international cosmetic product need no animal-test verification.

The test is cruel and inhuman 

it is great victory explained Cindy of AmourChine

The various tests perform on the animals in the labs of these companies involves tests on hamsters, rabbits, Guinea pigs, rats, and mice. The tests include dropping of the cosmetic chemicals into the eyes of these animals, also my rubbing of the chemical on the shaved skins of them to check the damages that it will cause.


Moreover, in some instances, the ill-destined animals force-fed just to analyze that how it will affect the health. Not only this but also a lethal dose is given to the animals to test the level of the chemical that is sufficient to kill them. According to a report from Humane Society International, the tests which these laboratories perform can cause swollen eyes, internal bleeding, and blindness, severe bleeding of skin, convulsions, congenital disabilities, and death. Moreover, the saddest part is that the tested animal got killed after performing the test, and the option for that is not the easy one. These animals do not get any pain relief. However, they meet their death by asphyxiation, also known as neck breaking.

For benefits, many large international companies re-start the animal-test again

In this age of modern technology, when the evolution of technology is making things less dependent on living organisms, forcing animals for such cruel tests is completely not necessary. However, companies continue such practices to grab the larger market share. PETA in 2012 disclosed that many large corporations like Avon and Mary Kay re-started animal testing.  Moreover, PETA takes the initiative to fund scientists from IIVS (Institute for In Vitro Sciences) for the promotion of rapid and innovational non-animal test process. IIVS is a non-profit organization which dedicated itself for the methods mentioned above.


China is working with IIVS

IIVS worked with China Food & Drug Administration (CFDA) and also with National Institute for Food and drug control. Moreover, with the continuous efforts of IIVS, China has entered into a Memorandum of Undertaking under which the IIVS provides training to the scientists at both the institutes as mentioned earlier.

3T3 photo toxicity assay

The method which is adopted by China for the product testing is 3T3 Photo toxicity assay. This method measures the potential of the chemical to cause a damage after its exposure to sunlight. The above-cited test got unified in the OECD test roadmap program. With all these evolutions China will now be a market for cosmetic companies without setting aside their ethical values.

It’s an incredible day when we can report that China will soon be tolerating a non-creature testing strategy for foreign made and unique utilize beauty care products.

Such a large number of cosmetics makers who need a share of the tremendous Chinese market will now have an approach to arrive without harming creatures. We can’t downplay what uplifting news this is.  Incidentally, here’s something worth mulling over. Consider keeping on supporting the organizations that declined to creature test with a specific end goal to market items in China. They’re the ones with the genuine moral spine. Remunerate their immovable choice not to hurt creatures just to make a buck. Say thanks to them by keeping on tossing your dollars their way. They merit it.

People are doing efforts to stop animal-test

The previous summer, when we found that China was requiring creature tests for beautifiers to be financed by makeup organizations—including Avon, Estée Lauder, and Mary Kay, which for a considerable length of time had been on PETA’s rundown of organizations that don’t test beautifying agents on creatures—PETA granted an allow to researchers at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences. These researchers headed out to China a few circumstances to offer their aptitude and direction in supplanting creature based tests—which are brutal and temperamental—with non-creature choices.

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