What are the best online tools to make its cosmetics brands well know in China?

If the cosmetics market is booming and flourishing in China, there are some tools that a cosmetic brand can’t avoid to increase its brand awareness and reach its target. Here is an overview of the best practices to penetrate the market and make its brands known.

Increase your visibility on Baidu thanks to SEO actions.

If you want to reach Chinese customers you’ll need to have a website translated in Chinese. Once your website will be launched you need to make it visible on Baidu, the most popular search engine in China. If you’re well ranked on Baidu, it will for sure increase your visibility and brand awareness. SEO seems to be the best way to do it.

Estée Lauder chinese website

In order to conduct a successful SEO strategy you will need to have a qualitative website which respects what chinese consumers love and a good keywords positioning in accordance to your offer.

Use the online PR to increase the feeling of trust

Before buying products of a new cosmetic brand, chinese consumers need to have faith in the brand. If they saw that famous online magazines talk about the brand it will help them to have this feeling regarding your brand.

A presence on the Chinese social networks is crucial


You must have a certified account on the major social media such as Weibo and WeChat if you want to build a community that will talk about your brand. In order to increase your number of followers you must create qualitative content and diffuse it on the right platforms at the right moment.

In addition, interesting content will be more likely to be shared by Chinese netizens on social media like Weibo and WeChat. The more your content is shared the more your brand will increase your brand awareness.

Articles explaining how the using your products and what makes them special regarding the others existing products of your competitors can be a good example of qualitative posts.

Use the Key Opinion Leaders to spread news about your brand or products.


Key opinions leaders are people who have thousand or even more millions of followers on the social medias. A lot of brands want to use their influence and diffuse on their walls information about their brand. It can be very effective to increase its number of sales. There are several way of collaborating with Chinese influencers:

-You can invite them to one of your event

-Send them some of your products and ask them to write a review

-Ask them to forward one of your posts on social media

Most of them will ask you a “red envelope” for these kind of collaboration. That is the reason why its crucial to select the best one and the one who reflects the best your brand values.

Have a presence on specialized forums

Meilishuo is the more famous one in the cosmetic industry. Its actually unavoidable right now. When Chinese consumers will look for information on beauty products they’ll for sure search on this website where thousand and thousand of reviews are recorded.

Sell your products through the good e-commece channel


China is one of the country the most into digital right now. The consumption habits are different from the West and everybody is used to buy on e-commerce platforms. Usually on these platforms they can find cheapest products and can compare all the available products. This is why a cosmetic brand should be present on the e-commerce channel. Their are of course inescapable giants such as T-Mall, JD.com or Taobao but it is as well interesting to go on more specialized websites such Jumei that will gather for sure your target.

Using these strategies will for sure help you to gain more visibility and increase your awareness, but it’s a long-term work.

To get more information on how to penetrate the chinese cosmetics market, you can have a look here.

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