What is the right sales strategy for my cosmetic Brand in China ?

Cosmetics is a kind of high profit space industry, its overall consumer prices, cosmetics raw material costs accounted for is generally low, the ratio of almost equal. While there are differences on the marketing input, such as brand, packaging and advertising promotion. Mall shop display, light box advertising, scene layout, service personnel, advertising model as well as the beautician live demonstration, customers free trial and so on, these are the important link between the marketing expenses, are designed in view of the female consumer psychology, to arouse their psychological identity, making them potentially the need of “beauty”, so as to pin their hopes on the cosmetics.


Chinese women like Cosmetics products

Women buy cosmetics, is mostly due to psychological and spiritual, rather than material. For this special psychological habits, cosmetics marketing personnel should careful study to the female psyche, adopt appropriate strategies, sold the best hope, the hope and the love of beauty are closely linked. Shop marketing strategies is unique to the cosmetics counter marketing way, walked into the store, wide variety of cosmetics counters vividly leap view, miss cosmetics are warmly greeting to you, different brand counters, different services, the director a beautiful brand story.

Counters is dedicated to selling a product and a series of brand of the counter. The counter has a unified visual image, image can be divided into the ark, and in accordance with the shop class ordinary counters. Guaranteed sales counters cooperation form: refers to the market based on factors such as the location of the counter area, annual sales mission to counter, and the Irish according to certain proportion, turned over to the store for the whole year profit. That is to say, no matter how many sales completed, must first ensure pay market profits. The counters risky, so be very careful.


How to boost Sales:

rent ark according to the manufacturer’s agreement between the two sides, pay monthly rent to store, and other operating condition is decided by the manufacturer to (including tally, receipts). These counters are generally located in non-state market, management system is relatively loose, management ability is weak, even to pay the rent, payment for goods has no safety guarantee, saleswoman to strengthen sales management and training. There is no guaranteed sales: this is a kind of relatively popular, ideal counters of joint is also a manufacturer. According to the agreement, on a particular counter in a certain discount, assign personnel to sales. This way of counters cooperation risk is not big, most will lose some salary. Since there is no guaranteed sales task, sell more manufacturers both profits and less sell manufacturer damaged on both sides.


Cocmetics Counters number one chanels in China

The former two counters cooperation forms, relationships often depends on the manufacturer. Closely related to vendors, counters guaranteed task is lower, can even to no guaranteed; Vendor relationship, especially some large commercial outlets, has a strong seller, counters guaranteed the task is difficult to achieve an ideal state, let alone is not guaranteed on counters, and after all the promotion is hard to get.

Counter function enhance brand awareness, set up brand counters in shopping malls, with the overall image, unified price and consumer communication, a complete brand concept for consumers. If set up counters group, the strength of the brand and charm will further show; Such as city several large stores in the same area set up shop, can make the product to enhance the brand image.

Display function:

a market, specially set up shop in the center, very helps remind to showcase their products and consumption, it can be extended to a large number of terminal display. Located in the conspicuous position of shopping malls counters, its effect is obvious.


Increase sales:

throughout the traditional name brand cosmetics, especially imported famous brand product, its sales mainly by shop sales. The establishment of sales channels are also terminal counters, in various shopping malls in the same city, rarely see imported products in the wholesale market circulation.

Counters set up conditions to set up shop is not can be carried out at any time, the existence of opportunities: establish image counters, generally choose the market opening and store decoration, facilitate unified whole image, ensure the overall department bureau of counter to decorate and store style is consistent. Ordinary counters set up seems relatively easy, as long as there is a counter, store strategy agreed to sales. Generally speaking off-season strategy early more easily.

Set up shop premise condition: there is series products. A single product set up counters risk is bigger, the high cost, must be careful to choose. Some companies blindly on counters, sales result is not ideal, the company invested money, finally removed ark, caused great waste.


Counters of input and output of counters investment mainly includes: salary, slotting fees, production, management fees, counter the rent. The personnel wages and production costs are fixed, and counter slotting fees, management fees and rent is uncertain, according to the different stores. Counters output refers to the counter sales and gross profit.

Shop sales management

Counters miss sales management is Gift bar Burberry cosmetics barthe management of the shop sales miss, generally from training, the supervision of the mount guard, several aspects.


including familiar with product knowledge, business background, with the customer communication skills, simple skin basic knowledge, basic knowledge of marketing, etc.

Mount guard, including language skills, physical skills, operation skills and standardized dress, good service, etc.


the main check counters sales miss working hours, job responsibilities, work attitude and everyday problem solving techniques, etc.

Shop sales management also includes the site selection, management and sales counters its data management.

Shop location:

determines the shop sales, general should consider the following factors: traffic size; The store’s reputation; Traffic state; The store business circle; Guaranteed sales.

The layout of the shop’s own management:

counters; Display counters of products; Counters of health management. Shop sales data management: according to shop sales miss daily sales reports, master sales situation, find out the cause of the sales of good and bad, and scientific analysis, and finally to take effective measures to promote sales. Counters the advantage of marketing in the cosmetics industry is more and more obvious, more show its power and trust. Of course, whether or not a shop to sell, according to the enterprise’s own development conditions or strategic planning.

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