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Spanish Beauty & Youth Celebration since 1890.

The Brand & Campaign Context

Made in Spain anti-aging cosmetic products the brand after succeeding in the west is now looking at the east. Anti-aging products are a very popular segment of the cosmetic industry in China. Imported anti-aging are particularly in high demand since the market is not yet comfortable with local brands if not for the exception of a few. European-made products have by nature a good reputation in China, but with the growth of competition and awareness from consumers, it is no longer enough to succeed in China. This is one of the reasons Bella Aurora approached us. With our help, Bella Aurora is building a strong Online Presence on Chinese social media, forums, and specialized media outlets strongly trusted by Chinese consumers.


After a month of an omnichannel campaign, the results were already positive, although a cosmetic brand typically needs at least 6 months of E-reputation marketing to really be able to build itself a strong name in the market.

Weibo Account Management

  • Followers: +730
  • New followers: +355
  • Avg. following rate: +87%

WeChat Account Management

  • +1,500 reads from Official Account message
  • +220 reads from conversations and groups share
  • +710 reads from WeChat moments share
  • +60 reads from the friend’s like sections
  • +990 views from other channels


  • Zhihu Skincare discussion topics
  • 2 press releases

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