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How to Sell Cosmetics on Chinese eCommerce plateforms?

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Our eCommerce services for Cosmetic Brands in China

Project Audit

A complete market research and analysis of your budget and current status in China will help us choose the best Chinese eCommerce plateform to sell your products.

eCommerce registration

Registering on Chinese eCommerce apps can be a huge headache, let us take care of it, save you some time and money.

Shop Design

Design a beautiful store + listing & stock management

On-site Marketing

run in-app campaign, manage customer services

Offsite branding & e-reputation

Ereputation is crucial for your conversion rate. Off-site marketing is the answer.

Monthly Report

A detailed report so you know how your budget is spent

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More info about eCommerce in China

Store Registration and Management

Each Chinese eCommerce platforms has its own requirement to register. Some are insanely expensive and are focused on big brands, others are more accessible for smaller budget. Pretty much all of them offers Cross border eCommerce to help foreign brands to enter the Chinese market. Choosing the right platform is crucial for your success in China. Once you are registered, you need a store designed to appealed to your customers, listing with lots of descritpion and pictures that anwer all the questions possible. If visitors still have question, a customers service should be here and respond in timely manner. E-Commerce platforms follow China festival calendars and have their own events. Their users are used to this specials event, and are expecting brands to offers discounts, introduce new products etc.


Off-site Promotion

The offsite promotion of your brand is a non-skippable part of e-Commerce. You can not expect people to visit your store and purchase from you if they have never heard of you before and if they can't find anything about you online. Seo, forums, socials media, PR, etc are all your friend to build yourself a reputation on the Chinese internet. It will not only increase your visibility but also your conversion rate. Remember this: Aquisition cost is the same for an unknow brand and loreal but loreal as a conversion that is 10 or more times higher than this unknow brand. They make more money even though they have not spent more in acquisition than the unknow brand.

Sell Cosmetics Brand on China eCommerce Platforms- Frequently Asked Question

Does having a ecommerce website is helpfull to sell a cosmetic brand in china?

Yes, it does. While it won't be your main selling platform, having your own eCommerce website will create a feeling of safety in the eyes of the customers. It will also allow deploying SEO tools and have more visibility online

How to register on Tmall as a seller?

It is hard to register on Tmall as a seller. Their requirements are extremely high and you need a budget big enough to sustain your operation. If you are a smaller brand, we do not recommend you Tmall. Apps like Xiaohongshu, Taobao on Pinduoduo are a lot more accessible and offers some very interesting tools. These apps are pushing social eCommerce which allows brands to build their online reputation in a more integrated way.

Regulation & license to sell cosmetic products in China?

Regulations are complex and it can take years to obtain a license to sell in China locals eCommerce platform, however, the global versions of the apps are your entry door. Since 2020, cross-border eCommerce has grown exponentially on most of the Chinese eCommerce platform. Another great news that came with 2021 is the end of mandatory animal testing for “ordinary cosmetics” (makeup, fragrance, shampoo, etc.).