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Find the Right Kols to Promote your Cosmetics Brand in China

Market Survey in China

We provide Marketing Surveys and Consumers insights about which influencers are trending currently.


Increase your brand notoriety by associating it to an influencer's popularity

Find the perfect Kols

There is a sea of KOLs and Fake Kol in China, let us sell you trough it.

Manage Chinese Community

Spread well your promotion campaign with your influencer's endorsement among your Chinese community

Internet Word of Mouth – Buzz Marketing

Create a viral buzz among consumers about an endorsement will make consumers talk more about your brand.

Omni Channel Marketing

Don't put all your eggs in the same basket and maximize your results by going Omni-channels.

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More About Kols Marketing in China

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Find Reliable Chinese Kols

Kols are extremely powerful in China, and there are millions of them across dozens of apps and platforms. From stars to micro-influencers, to forums community there is Kols for all kind of industry. We will help you with getting in contact in negotiating the price and requirements of a campaign. According to your goals and budget, we will create a Kols profile to help you grow your visibility and credibility in China. The bonus? With a Chinese Kols agency, you'll not be scammed by fake Kols.

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Community Management

If it is important to choose the right Kols for your campaign it is even more important to be able to manage the visibility and engagement you'll get from them. You will have to engage with your community, answers their questions, manage the bad reviews et give them reasons to continue following you. Depending on the platforms, the content you'll have yo post will differ, the tools as well.

Branding in China

There are many ways to brand your products in China. Creating awareness and building your E-reputation is crucial to success. You need to have people talking about you (positively). Kols are great for Buzz campaigns. It can be contested, viral video/content, etc. You Want to create content in Chinese that will spread like wildfire. It has to be useful, fun, interesting content.

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Omni-channel marketing strategy.

For more credibility and visibility, but also back up plan we strongly suggest you cover multiple channels. Let me explain: What would you think of a brand that has Almost no presence online, that is only on Facebook for instance. Would you trust this brand? probably not. Well, it is the same in China. The more channel you get in, the more credibility and visibility you get. But mainly, your brand will look legit. The outcome? A much higher conversion rate. In China Trust and branding is everything.

China KOL Marketing - Frequently Asked Question

What is Kols in China?

Kol stands for Key Opinion leaders. In other words, they are influencers. The Chinese culture and history have turned Chinese consumers into smart buyers but also suspicious buyers that do not always buy in an official statement. They will, therefore, look for alternatives information about a brand, products, etc. The fear of scams is old and one will always believe another of his pairs more than a brand statement. Because of this cultural fact, Kol is becoming increasingly important in the consumption process of Chinese buyers.

What is e-reputation, why should a brand work on e-reputation?

In Chinese cosmetics, a major part of sales is done upon brand reputation rather than for the product itself. The most efficient way for a cosmetic brand to gain popularity is through influencers: people who exert an influence over potential customers and may affect the consumers’ purchasing decisions in a significant way. In China, the most influential people are Key Opinion Leaders and Celebrities. Even though you know that you probably need experts to help you investigate which influencers are really trending in cosmetics.

Kols marketing trends in China?

Chinese consumers are turning to micro-influencers to help them with their decision-making. Micro-influencers are gaining in popularity because they are not as sponsored as stars and therefore feel more trustable but they also have a lot more time to engage with their community, creating a feeling of belonging to the group.