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Online Advertising Solutions in China for Beauty Brands

Project Audit & Market Research

Learn about your competitor & the viability of your project in China.

Online Visibility

Make sure your target audience finds you anywhere they go on the web: search engine, social media, forums, media outlets...

Online Reputation

Visibility is useless with no reputation or a bad reputation. Build your e-reputation and credibility in online advertising.

Community Management

Control what is being said about you and push peoples to engage with your brand is crucial for both your visibility and e-reputation


Need to migrate your website or a website in Mandarin?

Chinese eCommerce

We help developpe you ecommerce presence in China with the right tools

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More About Online Advertising for Cosmetic Brands in China

Online Visibility

This is the base. Online visibility and brand awareness are a must. A brand with no visibility whatsoever can not expect to succeed. Our advice: Use SEO (Baidu) to create organic visibility for your Beauty brand on the Chinese internet. Make sure your brand name will show on any of your chosen keywords. Forums, social media, PR are your friends. You want to make sure peoples find out about your Beauty brand easily. Not only will it reduce your acquisition cost after about 6 months but will also improve your CR.

Online Reputation

Your online reputation or e-reputation is as important if not more than your online visibility. What is the point of being visible if no one understands who you are and have no reasons to believe you are a reliable brand? Chinese consumers care about what they buy. But you know what is great? While building your online visibility you can build your online reputation. Press release and Kols marketing are greats ways to gain the trust of peoples for instance. Creating a community around cosmetics and beauty on forums & Q&A is another one.


Community Management

It is true that the more your target audience read about you and see their pairs commenting about you the higher chances you have to succeed. But so much visibility needs to be controlled. Good community management to engage with peoples, keep them interested, solve their problems, answers their question and build a relationship based on trust.

Chinese eCommerce

Once you've established a good presence on the Chinese internet and gain your target audience trust you'll have to register on a Chinese eCommerce platform. there are many: Taoabo, tmall, JD, pinduoduo, xiahongshu.. even short videos apps are getting into the eCommerce game. Let us help you determine which is the best platform for your brand and budget. We will take care of the registration and if you need the design and management of your online store. Nowadays, Chinese eCommerce platforms are developing tools to attracts brands and gain more market share. Tools such as social commerce, live streaming, affiliation, etc. We can help you make the best out of it. "

Online Advertising for Beauty Brand in China - Frequently Asked Question

Why does your beauty brand need online advertising in China?

Traditional media are slowly dying in China. The Chinese market is mostly based on the online market and online communication. Focusing on the online segment to increase your reputation is definitely a relevant choice. A coherent online advertisement reflects the brand’s smartness to improve its notoriety, to boost its awareness, and to develop its popularity. Because of the fierce competition, it is very helpful for you, as a cosmetic brand, to have experts to support you during your online advertising

What is China Cosmetic Market Size?

China is set to become the first consumer of cosmetic products in the world.