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Tmall Partner Agency - Our Solutions for Beauty Brands

Tmall Partner (TP)

Collaborate with Tmall Partner Agency for a smooth ecommerce journey in China

Tmall Flagship Store

Let us register, design and maintain your Tmall flagship for you & save resources

Tmall Global Services

Reach out to Chinese consumers with no physical presence on the market

Tmall Paid Advertising

Get more traffic to your store through well-managed Tmall Native Ads

Omni-channel Marketing

Build a strong brand awareness in China for a better conversion rate

Monthly Reports

Regular reports so you know exactly what is going on with your campaigns

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Tmall Partner Solutions for Beauty Brands in China

Open a Store on Tmall & Tmall Global

Tmall is a great place to put your products and we want you on it! Let us help with the registration process. We will check if all of Tmalls requirements have been met then find alternatives when necessary. We will then register and design a flagship store that reflects your brand's values and appeals to local culture while generating more conversions too. Because we are a certified Tmall Partner we ensure that the whole process is smooth and quick.

Tmall Store Management & Customers Service

Keeping your customers happy is the key to success ! You can do this by always being available for them and providing great customer service. In addition, 24H chat will give consumers a way of contacting you when they have questions about an item that might not be answered in-store or online. Our team will make sure your store keeps getting regular updates and offer users a seamless experience. We also help our clients prepare themselves ahead of Chinese festivals like Lunar New Year so we're sure everything runs smoothly during peak times.

Branding Outside of Tmall

Selling online in China can be a challenge if your brand is unknown, especially for beauty products. To help you increase Tmall conversions and ROI we set up an Omni-channel marketing strategy. Remember that it's not just the product or service, but also who tells their story best: Branding – create unique visuals/copywriting tailored specifically towards Chinese audiences, collaborate with trusted KOLs and Medias, rank on all your keywords on Baidu, have a strong presence on Chinese social media...

Sell Beauty Products on Tmall - Frequently Asked Question

What is Tmall?

Tmall is a marketplace that enables companies to sell their products and services directly to consumers in China. Is the biggest B2C (business-to-consumer) platform in China. It was launched by Alibaba back in 2008. As of 2021 Q2, Tmall recorded an impressive 828 million users. Tmall Operates in mainland, hong-kong, Macau, and Taiwan but also has an international version for vendors that do not have a physical entity in the country.

What is the difference between Tmall and Taobao?

The main difference between Taobao and Tmall is the price and also that one must be approved by the app before setting up their store on the Tmall marketplace while on Taobao, it is enough to simply provide the required documentation. Indeed, due to its business policy of guaranteeing authentic, premium quality products to its users, Tmall has strict entry requirements as well as high fees.

What is a Tmall Partner and why should you work with one?

The Tmall Partner Program is Alibaba's way of providing services and platforms for sellers through trusted 3rd parties such as agencies like ours. These partners can help with marketing, logistics IP protection technology development content localization, and so on.

Can I sell cosmetics on Tmall with no chinese business license?

Yes, through Tmall Global. But keep in mind that if Tmall global has been growing, the customer's pools is a lot smaller than the Tmall customer's pools. Getting a Chinese business licence and creating a physical entity in China, can be a lot simpler than you think especially if working with an agency. An agency will also help you register all your products in China so that they can be sold on the territory according to regulations.