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Our services for boosting your iWOM in China

China Branding

Good story telling that will make people like and remember your brand

Press release

One of the best ways to spread the word about your company is by asking trustable peoples to talk about you

China Kols Marketing

Incredibly influential in China, Kols will boost the word of mouth about your brand

Buzz Marketing

An efficient campaign that spread like wild fire and has people talking about you.

Community management

You need to be able to engage and control what is being said in order to keep a good reputation

User Generated Content (forums & Q&A)

Be everywhere your customers could be and could be talking about you.

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More about Internet Word of Moutth in China

User Generated Content

Chinese buyers are not impulsive buyers and will always look for information before purchasing new products. One of their way of doing research is through forums and q&a such as Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Tieba, Zhihu, etc. These platforms offer tools for verified accounts to the published content and are a perfect place to create a community around skincare, make beauty, hairstyle, etc. Create and join such communities, engage with them, push them to interact as much as possible, and you'll soon have a natural awareness coming from these forums. Forums that rank well on Baidu.

Press Release

The idea of the press release is to have trustable authority figures such as journalists and media outlets of your market mentioning you in their content. Since this authority figure is highly trusted and has good visibility, it will strengthen your position in the market and on Baidu. More visibility and more credibility for a better conversion rate.

Chanel in China

Kols marketing

Kols can not be ignored when doing marketing in China. Because of the suspicious nature of Chinese consumers, Key opinion leaders have become huge in China. The multitude of the channel on which they operate offers brands a large choice when it comes to Kols Marketing. Choosing the right platform and the right Kols can be decisive for cosmetic companies. In the cosmetic market platform such as Taobao live streaming, Xiaohongshu and Douyin (Tiktok) are great choices.

wechat crm and community management in china

Community management

Community management in China is the same as in the west. You have to be ultra reactive to your followers, answer questions and resolve issues quickly. Post interesting content that has the potential to sparks discussion and potentially creates a buzz with lots of sharing and engagement. You'll have to animate groups on WeChat and other forums to keep people interested. And obviously all in mandarin. Need help with registering in Chinese social media for your brands and managing them? Contact-us, we can help.

IWOM - Internet word of Mouth in China - Frequently Asked Question

What is internet word of mouth or IWOM?

Internet word of mouth is the fact of spreading information about a brand/company via the internet. The idea is to create a snowball effect. Start with a little highly sharable content, a small community that will naturally grow. After the initial effort and with some community management it is a great tool to organically increase your brand awareness.

Why use internet word of mouth?

In the cosmetics industry, like in other industries in China, brand reputation is an important element to promote your products. However, a successful reputation isn’t about what the company says about itself, but what Chinese consumers say about the brand. The online community is a crucial element for becoming viral and staying at the top. Viral marketing will increase your Internet word of mouth and thus boost your brand’s awareness.