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Our Wechat Services for Beauty Brands

Wechat Official Account Set-up

Create an official account and start using marketing tools to reach out to your target audience.

Wechat CRM

Set up the perfect CRM and offer great services to your followers without having to worry about it.

Original Content

Content is at the core of Wechat marketing. Create useful shareable content in Chinese.

Community Management

The best way to grow on Wechat is to create groups and engage directly with Wechat users.

H5 Brochures & Mini Programs

A brochure, a mini-app, a business card, a store? Wechat has it all, we can design and promote them all for you.

WeChat Paid Advertising

Banner ads, moment ads, KOL ads, let us guide you through the realms of WeChat advertising.

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More about Wechat for Beauty Brands in China

Register a Wechat Official Account

If there is an app where your beauty brands should absolutely be it is Wechat. Not because you'll gain a lot of visibility or following, but simply because the app is too mainstream for brands not to be on it. It will add to your brand legitimacy to have an official account and this is where we come to your help. We will help you register on Wechat officially but also grow and manage your community.

WeChat Official Account H5 Brochure Mini Program YUMEE example

Wechat Account Management

Now, Wechat is not the best tool for virality but it is an excellent one for nurturing and engagement through great content, mini-program, mini-game, group marketing, Wechat CRM, and even Video Marketing or WeChat Kols. We have been working with beauty brands on Wechat for years, let us help you set up a WeChat strategy that works for your goals.

Wechat Paid ads

Although Wechat Ads are not for every brand out there, some can really benefit from it. Wechat paid ads should come later in your China marketing strategy. Indeed, they work best when your brand has reached an important level of visibility. Wechat ads are fairly expensive, therefore you want to be sure that the timing is right before going for it.

Wechat - Frequently Asked Question

How to register a wechat account?

To register an official wechat account, you need a Chinese business licence, if you don't have one, we strongly suggest you to go trough an agency. You'll need to provide many paper work including a business plan of why you want to open a wechat account.

Do you need a wechat account to succeed in China?

In China, WeChat is the most used messaging application, and social networks, it's expected for brand to have a verified account. It’s a private and closed social network on which users can share your story, your photos, videos with your friends. Beauty brands can directly send articles to their customers and it’s an great opportunities for those who are looking to increase their awareness among a targeted community.

What does closed social media means for wechat?

The app is a social media but a closed one. Just picture for one moment, facebook but every user has set up their privacy to the max, and can only see what their friend is sharing and posting? Well, WeChat is a bit like this. WeChat users do not want commercial content on their feed and that is why Tencent does not push ads too much on the app. However, WeChat users are happy to join groups they find useful, to follow pages with quality content, and even to share this content if they find it relevant enough. Become this page with content interesting enough to be shared, animate group chat and don't get stuck incorporate content that bores everyone. Keep in mind wechat is more comparable to your email list than a platform where you can get a lot of followers.

Why is a Wechat H5 Brochure important?

A business will be expecting you to share your listing in a WeChat brochure not on a pdf file via email. Wechat brochure is convenient and easy to share. Mini-program is basically an integrated app. They are popular because they are integrated, no need to download another app. In terms of marketing, they are a great tool to promote and educate people about your brand.