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Market Survey

Before planning your strategy, you need to have a global overview of the Chinese cosmetic market, its consumers and your potential competitors

Consumers insights

Understand properly Chinese consumers' needs and habits enables you to settle a coherent strategy.

optimisation on your ecommerce in China How do Chinese consumers prefer to shop online? Chinese consumers favor shopping on trusted e-commerce platforms like Tmall and due to their extensive product selections and reliable customer service. Social commerce platforms like WeChat and Douyin are also increasingly popular for their convenience and integrated shopping experiences

Products tests survey

Test your products before really launching them on the Chinese market, it will give you an idea of how suitable they are

Distribution Consulting

Ensure you use the right distribution channels is part of a good strategy in Chinese cosmetic market.

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Market Survey

In the same way, you would not go to an unknown place without at least a map and some information about that place you should not try to enter a market without understanding it. The biggest mistake of most companies trying to enter China is to treat their marketing as if they were at home. Consumers mindset is differents, distributors expectation and the way to reach out to them is different. As a company, you'll have to understand what is expected from you, who are your competitors in China, what is your place in the market etc

Consumers insights

Your next step is to understand who is your target audience, its needs, its mind set. If you do not get familiar with the way chinese poeples consum you won't be able to sell them anything. Localisation is the key word when setting up a marketing strategy in China.

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Products tests survey

You may be a strong believer that your products will be a hit in China but the reality can be very different. The reasons are diverse: maybe there are no demands for the type of products you sell, maybe competitors are too big for you to compete, maybe peoples have no ideas of what you are selling and therefore not looking for it. We would suggest you run small campaigns in order to test your products in the market before going too crazy with your marketing budget.

Distribution Consulting

Finding distributors in China can be difficult. Chinese distributors hate to take any risks. Finding a reliable distributors and building a distribution network in China can also be complicated. The distribution network is opaque and it is not always easy to control it. Let us assist you in this task. We work with many distributors and distributions agents and have extensive experience. If you can't find a distributor, let us help you build enough credibilty in China to gain their trust.

Market Research in China - Frequently Asked Question

Why market research is so important in the Chinese Cosmetic Industry?

The Chinese cosmetic market has hugely developed during the last ten years and offers a big range of opportunities for cosmetics manufacturers. Because of this latent market, foreign brands of cosmetics want to enter China and benefit from this big cake. However, China isn’t an easy market segment to target and without having experts to advise you and investigate the market for you, your brand won’t be able to gain awareness among this fierce competition.