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How to Promote a Cosmetic Brand in China?

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optimisation on your ecommerce in China How do Chinese consumers prefer to shop online? Chinese consumers favor shopping on trusted e-commerce platforms like Tmall and due to their extensive product selections and reliable customer service. Social commerce platforms like WeChat and Douyin are also increasingly popular for their convenience and integrated shopping experiences

Market Audit

Market surveys and consumer insights will help you better understand the Chinese cosmetic market and decide on the best strategy for your brand.

Baidu SEO & SEM

SEO and SEM are extremely relevant in the cosmetics industry if you need to stand out from your competitors and gain visibility in China.

Online Reputation

Reputation is very important to Chinese consumers, because they don’t trust the brands they never heard of. We will take care of your online presence in China!

China eCommerce

We offer registration and management services for your brand on China’s most popular e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces.

Social Media Marketing

Chinese social media platforms are were Chinese people look for brands and products recommendations.

Influencer Marketing

We link you with the right Key Opinion Leader for your brand and target audience.

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Market Audit

Study the state of the market, are there any opportunities? Who are your competitors? What do they do? Who are your customers? Before taking any marketing actions, know your place in the Chinese cosmetic and beauty market. These insights are necessary to build a relevant marketing strategy. The Chinese market has its own specificities. Brands that understands that and are able to adapt quickly have a better chance to succeed.

Baidu SEO & SEM

Chinese buyers are not impulsive buyers. Just like you use Google to research informations, they use Baidu to investigate any brand/company that aroused their attention. If they can't find anything, they won't purchase. A good SEO/SEM strategy will give you the necessary visibility on the search engine, ensuring you don't miss out on a sale but also that you stand ahead of the competition in the Chinese cosmetic market.

Online Reputation

Online reputation is probably the most important thing in China, especially in the cosmetic market with products consumers will use directly on their face and that can be pricey. What people think of you, how they talk about you online will have a big impact on your conversion rate. The more content you post, the more PR you have, the more UGC there is about you the better. No need to tell you that you'll need a community manager to control your image.

China eCommerce

China eCommerce is like the rest of its Internet, specific to China. Among the plethora of e-commerce platforms available in China some are more cosmetics and foreign brands focused. Little Red Book is axed on cosmetic and beauty with 80% of its users being women. Tmall, the biggest e-commerce platform in China is a great option if you have a big budget but there are tones of alternatives for smaller companies: Taobao, VIP, WeChat, Kaola, Douyin, JD, Pinduoduo...

Influencer Marketing

When looking for cosmetics, especially in the luxury sector, Chinese consumers prefer to trust their friends and family recommendations. This is why word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best strategies to sell products in China, especially from cosmetics and fashion sectors. We have a list of KOLs and celebrities divided into industries and target audiences, and we can ensure the best influencer marketing strategy and collaboration terms for your brand.

Chinese Social Media

Chinese social media platforms play a crucial role in daily lives of Chinese people, with majority of them using it few times a day. WeChat, the most popular social media platform in China boost an audience of 1.2 billion monthly active users. This is why, we offer thorough social media strategy, to ensure your brand gets the visibility and good reputation it needs for brand awareness in China.

China Digital Marketing - Frequently Asked Question

Why is digital marketing the best way to promote cosmetics in China?

The cosmetic market in China has a lot of manufacturers and the competition is tough among Chinese brands. They are not the only actors in this market since foreign brands’ popularity is growing continuously. It is therefore relevant to build a coherent marketing strategy to have an advantage over the competitors. Having experts to help you improve your company’s notoriety, boost your brand’s awareness and develop your product’s popularity is extremely important.