Marketing Services for Beauty Brands in China

You are a company in the beauty fields (cosmetics, Perfums, make up, health care products …) and you want to develop your Business in China, what do you really need ?

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Cosmetics Solution for targeting Chinese consummers



We provide SEO/ SEM on Chinese search engines, like Baidu, to get more exposure. We start from auditing your websites, writing review and Press release to get targetted vistors interested in your products.


Chinese people purchase famous Brands or Cheap products. If you really want to develop your Business in China, you really have to develop a Brand, increase your brand awardness and have a Good image. We have services who can help you : PR – Social Media – Cosmetics Plateforms integration – KOL campaign.

Online Reputation

In Cosmetics, your sales are linked to your reputation, because Chinese consumers are cautious about what they buy. they want beauty products that really work and do not hurt their skin. With PR operation and the help of ambassadors, we know how to increase the trust of futur buyers.

Market Survey in China

Understand the nedds of consumers, or test if Chinese will like your product is the basis of Marketing in China. We provide Marketing Survey, Consumers insights, and products test survey.

Internet Word of Mouth – Buzz Marketing

What is important to have a successfull Brands is not what company said, but what Chinese consumers say about the Brands. We are specialized in Viral marketing, and Internet word of Mouth. Through various solutions to generate interest of Chinese users in the brand by interacting with consumers.

E-commerce in China

35% of cosmetics products are sold online in 2014. We are an ecommerce agency, and help Brands to develop their eshop in China. Our specialised services to get more traffic, increase your conversion rate. (Usefull in Cosmetics) more information here.

Community Management in China

Chinese Internet ais totally different from the “West”. Brands need to focus on the most popular Chinese SNS (social networks sites) : microblogging platform Sina Weibo, Wechat, Yoka, kissmiss. In our agency we propose the creation of formal  verification and the design of a business account, but also the recruitment of a community and the animation of it.

Distribution Consulting

You want to distribute your Brand in China, and you have problems with Chinese distributors. We can help you and offer distribution Survey to understand this specific Market. Our services start from targeting Distributors and after contact them.