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Market Research

Before getting started you've got to understand your place in the market, your competitors and your needs.

Online Reputation

In China Reputation is everything. Digital Marketing is now the most efficient way to promote your brand in China.

Press release in mandarin

In order to build your reputation, release great content in mandarin on trusted Chinese website

Connect with journalists

Sometimes, great content is not enough, and having the right connections is invaluable.

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More about PR in China


Market Research

The cosmetic market in China is ultra-competitive, and it would be a mistake to start promoting your brand with out knowing where you are stepping in and adapting your marketing strategy to the current industry needs. Looking into the details of the industry and your competitors strategy will be beneficial. For instance, a brand like Loreal on Tmall would make it almost impossible for you to sell there, the options for you would be to go for an alternative platform which would be less expensive so you would be able to spend more money on brand awareness and reputation.The step is curcial to set up your marketing strategy in China.

Online Reputation

In China, online reputation is key to success. Chinese consumers are smart buyers and will spend a lot of time searching for infotmation and review online before buying from anything. If a potential buyer can't find any information about your brand or product, high are the chance he will not buy from you. Chinese buyer want to buy from a brand they can trust and deem reliable, and if your online reputation does not exist, then you might as well be another scam, it would not make any difference.

Press release and Journalism

There are several ways to build your online reputation, and the Press release is one of them. It is maybe the oldest but also the most powerful we know. Having trusted poeples talking about you is probably the best thing that can happen to your brand in China. Get cosmetic and wellbeing media outlet to write about you and you'll see an increase in your Conversion rate very quickly. We do know that is it not easy to connect with this media, that is why we have a team working hard on press relation, keeping in touch and finding new outlets that we can work with on regular basis.

China PR - Frequently Asked Question

Why is press relation so important in China?

In the Chinese cosmetics sector, sales and reputation are tightly linked. Chinese consumers purchase beauty products upon the notoriety of the brand which reflects its quality. Therefore, using Press Relations to increase your reputation is definitely a good strategy. It is an efficient and very useful tool to boost your brand’s awareness and your product’s popularity. Due to the fierce competition, it is important to have experts in this field to help you.