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How to Sell Cosmetic with Chinese Social Media?

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Our China Social Media Solutions to Boost Sales

Account Registrations

Weibo, Douyin, Wechat, Little Red Book. We assist you with opening your official accounts on Chinese social media platforms.

Influencers & KOLs

Use influencers, Key Opinion Leaders and celebrities to give more power to your posts and campaigns online.

Content Creation

It is extremely important to produce relevant and coherent contents, suitable for the Chinese cosmetics market.

Community Management

Managing your community on Chinese social media platforms is difficult when you don't know the Chinese media landscape.

Buzz Marketing

Social media are the best way to spread viral buzz online and make netizens talk about your brand.

Videos Marketing

Create great short videos to promote your brand on most popular Chinese social media.

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More about Social Media Marketing in China

Wechat Services Account / Mini-program and Shop - Sell on Wechat

Official Accounts

Every social media platform has its own requirements. Generally speaking, lots of paperwork has to be done in Chinese to open an official/ verified account on Chinese social media. If you don't have a Chinese business license the task will be even more complicated and we strongly recommend you to hire a social media agency to do so. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Influencer Marketing

Chinese social media combined with Chinese consumption habits are the perfect combo for the rise of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). Chinese influencers are powerful and make a lot of money. Because of this, they are a lot of fake KOLs out there. We can teach you how to avoid them and we can help you find the perfect KOLs on the perfect social media for your brand. It is not easy to find KOLs that fit a brand and its budget but with the right connection and expertise, it is far from impossible.

weibo community management

Community management

With social media come communities and followers that have to be managed. You have to manage what they are saying, handle bad reviews smoothly, help people find answers to their questions, lead the chats, guide followers and entertain them. Your community manager will be the face of your brand on social media, so you better be picky when choosing one.

Kim Kardashian XHS

Content & Buzz

You can be as creative as you wish with your content but it has to be qualitative and original. If your content is not interesting you won't pick up the interest of your follower. Remember that each platform has its specificity when it comes to content but on every social media, whatever the format of your content, you'll be able to buzz if it is good enough. We have a dedicated team specialised in buzz marketing, they master each platform and know how to optimise the results of a campaign, and how to engage with followers in order to create the most share possible.

Social Media in China - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is social media marketing in China necessary?

Social media marketing in China is necessary due to the country's vast internet user base and the integral role of social platforms in Chinese consumers' daily lives. Platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin offer businesses unique ways to engage with their audience, drive brand awareness, and increase sales. Additionally, the robust e-commerce integration within these platforms enables a seamless online shopping experience, making social media marketing a vital component of any brand's China strategy.

How to register a WeChat official account?

You need a Chinese business license to do so. If you don't have one, you'll have to find a Chinese partner but the account won't technically belong to you, so you have to be careful. You can also go trough an agency like ours with a contract to protect yourself.

Which Chinese social media platform is best for beauty brands?

While several Chinese social media platforms can be effective for beauty brands, Xiaohongshu (also known as Little Red Book or RED) stands out. This platform combines social media with e-commerce and focuses heavily on user-generated content, making it an ideal space for beauty brands to showcase products, share beauty tips, and gather consumer reviews. It also has a predominantly female user base interested in beauty and lifestyle trends, providing a target demographic for beauty brands. KOLs and user recommendations on Xiaohongshu can significantly influence consumer buying decisions, making it a powerful platform for beauty brand promotion.