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How to Sell Cosmetic with Chinese Social Media?

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China Social Media Solutions to Boost Sales

Account Registration

Weibo, Douyin, Wechat, Little Red Book. We assist you with opening your official Account

Influencers, KOL & Celebrities

Use influencers, key opinion leaders and celebrities to give more power to your posts and campaign online.

Content Creation

It is extremely important to produce relevant and coherent contents, suitable for the Chinese cosmetics market.

Manage Chinese Community

Manage well your community on Wechat or Weibo is difficult when you don't know the specificity of the Chinese media landscape

Internet Word of Mouth – Buzz Marketing

Social media are the best way to spread viral buzz online and make netizens talk about your brand.

Videos Marketing

Creat great short video to promote your brand on most popular Chinese social media

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More about Social media Marketing in China

Wechat Services Account / Mini-program and Shop - Sell on Wechat

Official Account

Every social media platform has its own requirements. Generally speaking, lots of paperwork has to be done in Chinese to open an official/ verified account on Chinese social media. If you don't have a Chinese business license the task will be more complicated and we strongly recommend you  hire a social media agency to do so. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Kols Marketing

Chinese social media combined with Chinese consumption habits are the perfect combo for the rise of Kols. Chinese influencers are powerful and make a lot of money. Because of this, they are a lot of fake Kols out there. We can teach you how to avoid them and we can help you find the perfect Kols on the perfect social media for your brands. It is not easy to find Kols that fit a brand and a budget but with the right connection and expertise, it is far from impossible.

weibo community management

Community management

With social media come communities and followers that have to be managed. You have to manage what they saying, handle bad reviews smoothly, help peoples to find the answer to their question, lead the chat, guide followers and entertain them. Your community manager will be the face of your brand on social media, you better be picky when choosing one.

Kim Kardashian XHS

Content & Buzz

You can be as creative as you wish with your content but it has to be qualitative and original. If your content is not interesting you won't pick up the interest of your follower. Remember that each platform has its specificity when it comes to content but on every social media, whatever the format of your content, you'll be able to buzz if it is good enough. We have a dedicated team specialized in buzz marketing, they master each platform and know-how to optimize the result of a campaign, how to engage with followers in order to create the most share possible.

Social Media in China - Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Marketing in China, why is it necessary?

For branding, social media is crucial in China. If you want to have added value for your product and Brand, you will need social media, adapted to Chinese consumers. It is the best way to tell your potential customers why you are unique and to deliver the right message. It could be more important especially when you have an innovative product or service and you don’t want to conquer the market just by price. For communication, social media offers us platforms to get communication. Whether it is with your potential Chinese customers, or it is with the media, even with distributors based in China mainland, social media could help us reach out to have direct contact with them. Generate conversations online will help us get feedbacks and know more about our target

How to register a wechat official account?

You need a Chinese business license. If you don't have one, you'll have to find a Chinese partner but the account won't technically belong to you, so you've had to be careful. You can also go trough an agency with a contract to protect yourself.

What is Weibo?

Weibo is a micro-blogging platform. It is often said that Weibo is the twitter of China. Weibo is great for marketers and publishing commercial content. Pretty much every cosmetic brand is on Weibo. They publish discounts and contests for instance.

What is Douyin?

Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok, a short video app. Actually the app are identicals and belongs to the same group: Bytedance. Douyin is extremely popular and addictive. It has recently launched affiliate marketing tools for its users and brands and even douyin eCommerce. Paid ads on Douyin are very effective because of the app sophisticated targetting algorithm, and rather cheap especially when compare to wechat.