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Localization Services for China


Need translation for your existing content? We do it for you.


We design a fully localized website for China that will load fast and appeal to Chinese netizens


We create quality original content in Chinese mandarin from blog post to video.

Community management

Manage an online community in another language isn't easy because of cultural and linguistic differences

Press release

press releases in the local language are absolutely necessary to reach the Chinese consumers


The core of SEO is keyword and content, if you don't master mandarin and SEO techniques in China, ranking is going to be a real challenge.

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More about China Localisation

Translation and Content

Simply translating content in Chinese won't be enough. The translation needs to be localized. In other words, it needs to follow the format that people are used to reading, to vocabulary that reader is expecting, how the text is edited, etc When translating content or writing for someone you always need to keep this person in mind as you are writing for them. Knowing who you are writing for and their culture is crucial if you want to keep their attention. We can write appealing content in Chinese for you, we have a copywriting team that excels in identifying what different audiences are looking for in content. 

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Community Management

Community management is key. You need to be able to communicate easily with your followers, to answers their questions, solve their problems, entertain them and keep the chat going. Someone with a deep knowledge of Chinese pop culture, society, and current events is necessary for this kind of position. You have to avoid faux-pas at all costs. Chinese netizens are unforgiven if they feel insulted or betrayed by a company.

Skincare-related topics on Baidu


To run an effective SEO campaign, you have to master Chinese. Not only you need Chinese for your keyword research and then your content but also to get backlink and PR. Website designed for Chinese netizen and Baidu is no option if you want to run a successful SEO campaign. In order to rank on Baidu, a website needs original frequent content but also to be hosted in China or neighborhood country. Chinese visitors will be expecting a live chat and to see many things on the home page, price available on the website, etc.

Localization in China - Frequently Asked Question

What is localisation?

Localization is the fact to adapt your content, story, and products to the country you are trying to enter or are already in. Mcdonald is a great example of successful localization with its customized menu that fits locals' tastes all over the world.

Why do beauty brands need a localisation agency in china?

If you want to reach Chinese consumers, you need to adapt your content, not only translate it but make it suitable for the Chinese market. This will help you improve your company’s global notoriety, boost your brand’s awareness and develop your product’s popularity.