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Innovative Wechat Brand Campaigns in China


It is also an essential social network for visibility on the Chinese web WeChat can manage commerce, social networks, banking services and travel reservations, among other tasks. By November 2015, more than 200 million users had linked their credit cards to WeChatPay, enabling them to transfer money between users, make online payments and buy items…

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Once Upon A Time A British International School in Shanghai

wellington college Shanghai

    Founded in 1859 by Queen Victoria, the prestigious Wellington College was established as a monument to Britain’s most renowned military figure, the Duke of Wellington. The University takes its inspiration from this famous figure who Queen Victoria described as ‘’the greatest man this country has ever produced’’. Perhaps this is what drives the…

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10 Things every CEO need to know About Chinese Internet

Here are the 10 things you need to know about the internet in China:    1.Media are Control By Beijing  On February 19, 2016, China announced that it was forbidding all foreign companies to provide online content in China without prior approval.  Media companies have always needed a license to operate, but today, the regulation is…

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The Chinese Market is Unique and Difficult

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Understanding the Chinese Market before Invest Millions…  China is unique and different. This country is not a simple market but it is the most dynamic in the world. It has evolved under different conditions due to Chinese state restrictions and censorship. Is not the Chinese market to adapt to you but it is up to…

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