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Increasing Hospitals Exploding the Opportunity for Medical Device Companies

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The strong demand, demographics and value generate the interest, investment and marketing of the medical devices in China. The sudden rise in the life threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart related problems in addition with the increasing obesity rates, extensive environmental pollution contributing in explosion of chronic illness. Nearly 100% of the citizens have some…

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Chinese Ban Korea : A Pinch For Cosmetic Industry


China is the significant export market for the Korean companies whether they relate to the makeup or media fraternity. However, the recent ostensible ban imposed by the Chinese government on the import of Korean culture products including TV series, entertainment shows, and films into the China, induce a suffering for the companies in the south-Korea….

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How to Sell 10,000 Lipsticks in 2 Hours in China


Celebrity marketing and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are very powerful tools in China. Thanks to a very good use of both KOLs and technology, Maybelline sold an impressive number of 10,000 lipstick products in two hours only! Their army of internet KOLs was led by the Chinese superstar Angelababy and was recruited to create buzz…

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Healthcare in China, a $357 billion Size Market


The healthcare department of China is growing at a rapid rate. As there are many doors of opportunities opened in this sector. Many multinational companies are eager to invest and start their business in order to take the advantage. However, no one can assure you of a long term success. The 2011 data shows that…

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