China: a promising Market for Australian Beauty Brands?

Australian beauty products are known for their high quality and their natural image, qualities that are both very appealing to Chinese customers. With its massive population and increasing purchasing power, China attracts many foreign companies who try to grab a piece of its market. It might be the right time for Australian beauty brands to dig into the Chinese market.

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Why should you sell your beauty products in China now?

It used to be tricky for Australian companies to do business in China, due to high entry barriers such as severe import laws. Things are slowly changing though, and we can see new opportunities emerging.

Indeed, not only were import tariffs decreased but the Chinese and Australian government signed a trade agreement to ensure easier transactions between the two countries.

Moreover, the giant e-commerce platform recently made a partnership with Australian brands Blackmores and Sanger Australia. The Chinese website opened an Australian “Mall”, meaning these products will feature on a dedicated section of JD’s cross-border platform, enabling Chinese consumers to buy Australian products.

JD Landing page

Australian brands strategy for China says Australian cosmetics are major products for Internet users on its platform, which succeeds in gathering more than 100 million customers.

The next plan is to help Australian brands get in China more easily by using trusted global logistics companies. Australian Post is considered for the job.


The perfect timing for selling to Chinese consumers

Many reasons explain why Australian brands should consider starting selling their products in China: dedicated e-commerce platforms, a growing interest for cosmetics from the Chinese middle class and lower import barriers.

However, even if things are getting easier for you to export your products in China, regulations are still quite burdensome and you should be prepared. Besides, your marketing strategy will need to be adapted to this new market – be it regarding your packaging, distribution, communication or digital presence. A good bet would be to seek help from consultants specialized in business solutions for cosmetics brands on the Chinese market.

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