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Influencers, KOL & Stars Agency in China

Make Use of Influencers, Key Opinion Leaders and Celebrities' Power

In Chinese cosmetics, major part of sales are done upon brand reputation rather than for the product itself. The most efficient way for a cosmetic brand to gain popularity is through influencers: people who exert an influence over potential customers and may affect the consumers’ purchasing decision in a significant way. In China, the most influent people are Key Opinion Leaders and Celebrities. Even though you know that, you probably need experts to help you investigate which influencers are really trending in cosmetics.

Our services for finding influencers in China

A Panel of Solutions to Help you Define your Strategy Using Influencers

Manage Chinese Community

Spread well your promotion campaign with your influencer's endorsement among your Chinese community.

Market Survey in China

We provide Marketing Surveys and Consumers insights about which influencers are trending currently.


Increase your brand notoriety by associating it to an influencer's popularity.

Internet Word of Mouth – Buzz Marketing

Create a viral buzz among consumers about an endorsement will make consumers talk more about your brand.