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Market Research Company in China

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Chinese cosmetic market has hugely developed during the last ten years and offers a big range of opportunities for cosmetics manufacturers. Because of this latent market, foreign brands of cosmetics want to enter in China and benefit from this big cake. However, China isn’t an easy market segment to target and without having experts to advise you and investigate the market for you, your brand won’t be able to gain awareness among this fierce competition.

Our services for Market Research in China

A Panel of Solutions for Understanding Chinese Cosmetics Industry

Market Surveys

Before planning your strategy, you need to have a global overview of the Chinese cosmetic market, its consumers and your potential competitors.

Consumers Insights

Understand properly Chinese consumers' needs and habits enables you to settle a coherent strategy.

Products Test Surveys

Test your products before really launching them on the Chinese market, it will give you an idea of how suitable they are.

Distribution Consulting

Ensure you use the right distribution channels is part of a good strategy in Chinese cosmetic market.