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wechat_logoWhat is Wechat ? these videos will explain that

 Are you looking to use WeChat Marketing to boost your visibility among Chinese potential consumer for your beauty brand but don’t know how to do it ?Here are all the option that our agency offered to build a strong social media Marketing strategy. Wechat is the Number one Social Media in China since 2014 and this mobile Application offers great opportunities for cosmetics brands in China, and help companies to reach their target. They Speak about Us .   

Marketing on WeChat how it work?

 In China, WeChat is the most used messaging application, and social networks. It’s a private and closed social network on which users can share your story, your photos, videos with your friends. Beauty brands can directly send articles to their customers and it’s an great opportunities for those who are looking to increase their awareness among a targeted community. . Just to have a better understanding of WeChat’s coverage, here are some interesting figures:
  • 600 millions of monthly active users 
  • Every user spend an average of 40 minutes per day on Wechat 
  • More than 55% of the users opened it more than ten time per day.
WeChat is the place TO BEWechat is a great powerfull tool for a cosmetics brand wanting to communicate and reach out to the right people.Then WeChat is one of the steps you can avoid if you want to be successful on the Chinese cosmetics & Beauty industry.

How a cosmetic & Beauty brand can market its brand and products on WeChat



WeChat is (in China) THE place for you to share added value content about beauty Tips and yourproducts. You can share all kinds of content (video, pictures and articles). Our Agency can help you to create and diffuse this content  .


Our team can help you to boost your visibility through WeChat. Collaboration with KOL (Key opinions leaders) is an excellent way to do it. We can select the right one for you.
Customer service

Customer service

On WeChat, companies can provide a customized customers service to support the sales and engage users. Our Team can help you to realize this service to build a personalized relationship with your customers


We can help you to set up a Wechat store (Weidian) within the app that will allows your clients to buy directly your products from Wechat, and pay with Wechat Wallet


“Weishang” (literally Micro Social business) is super trendy in 2015 in China. The principle is simple :  everybody can share promotional messages on their “WeChat Moments ” to tempt their friends to buy products. We can help you find the right people who will expose your products to your core target.


WeChat offers to brands a feature that allows them to put their loyalty cards directly on the WeChat app. As a fashion brand you should use this feature to send promotions or coupons to your customers.


Our agency help to check the data on WeChat and offer analyzes and reorient your strategy if it’s necessary.
  Our digital marketing agency specialized in communication via WeChat will propose you a strategy based on your needs to reach your target. The actions of our WeChat community managers will help you to build a strong online community around your brand and make them become real customers. We’ll be able to set up a personalized WeChat strategy for your and create a qualitative content your target will love. Because one of the most important think is to interest your target. WeChat is actually an excellent way to differentiate your brand from those of your competitors. Don’t hesitate to seize this opportunity.
It’s time for you to succeed and built a strong WeChat strategy. Then to get started contact us and we’ll discuss about your project and give you some feedback.

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