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Things you don’t know about China

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5 things you don’t know about China

China attracts, again and again, Western companies considering the middle kingdom as an Eldorado thanks to the large number of potential customers that we can find. However, China is very different from the Western countries, either administrative or cultural levels. Thus, Marketing to China offers some valuable tips relating to the management. How to manage teams in China? We will stain to answer this question with these 5 things you should know before considering any installation.

1/Speak Chinese, the must have

Many managers currently in China are not speaking Mandarin at all. Even if they succeed, learn the language of Confucius is now almost essential to managing your team in best ways.First it will give you a lot of credibility with your employees and your partners. So you can develop yourFirst it will give you a lot of credibility with your employees and your partners. So you can develop your guanxi (network, very important concept in China) the best way. Moreover if you are a CEO of a company in China, it can be really interesting, you can click here.Also at the trade relationship, this will allow you to be on a par with your partner. Finally, this language will help all over Asia as whether Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, it is not uncommon to communicate in Chinese.Here in an interesting article about Top 5 Reasons why you have to learn Chinese and take the HSK examparler-le-chinois

2/ « Keeping the face » a cultural concept

China abounds in cultural differences with the Western countries, and among them, the notion of face is probably one of the most important for relations between individuals. The face is defined as the reputation and prestige of the various cultural groups in which one person belongs (the work, family, close friends and society). But how does it work? We often talk about winning or losing face, the latter situation can be overwhelming for someone in China. It can translate into a direct confrontation with a person, the fact ridiculing someone will make him lose face, while conversely, congratulate an employee for his contribution to society before his congeners. You will need to master this concept to be the best manager and to be seen well by employees.face-chine 

3 / The authority and hierarchy

To impose yourself as a good manager in China you will have to show an authoritarian leadership, avoid all attempts to rebellions and impose your ideas and methods. Chinese models being pyramidal and unilateral, your employees will naturally treat you with great respect. You’ll have to know also surround yourself with experts who can advise you, in China, the importance of assessing a person’s ability to use the right people and well surrounded, a good decision maker never moves alone.

4/ Be optimistic

The speech of a good manager in China must always be positive and reassuring for not putting its employees uncomfortable and motivate them to always make the best of themselves to society. It will require a conditioning by reward, you are productive and follow my instructions? You will receive the rewards you deserve. Good leaders are also often promising a bright future for employees who deserve it. Galvanize the troops through rhetoric is important, you will be able to tell a great story of an employee who worked hard and succeeded, like the Stakhanovism …optimisme

5/ Relationships

A manager is a person who can convince, able to show credibility. For this, you will have to be calm, respectful and believed. Also, be loyal to your circle (your Guanxi), it will make you well within your speech. Finally, be generous, be aware generously thank those who contributed to your business.imagesSo manager in China is not an easy task and it will definitely have to you some time to adapt before understanding how to implement your method. You will need to rely on your openness to take advantage of this experience, which will bring more culturally than any experienced in the West. Further readings

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