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ecommerce china in trouble in China


Users’ Data Leakage Led to Ecommerce Giant JD’s Apology     The advancement in information technology is encouraging business organizations to use digital methods to collect, store and manage data. This data includes information on every aspect of business including organization’s employees and customer. Some organization also collect credit card information of transaction of funds….

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55% of Women lead startups in China


The Chinese government evaluates females discovered 55 percent of new Internet organizations and more than a fourth of all entrepreneurs are ladies. The biggest investment finance ever raised by a lady isn’t in Silicon Valley or even the U.S. It’s in Beijing and is controlled by a former librarian who stays under the radar that…

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Taobao/Tmall to Sue Click Farm in Attempting To Harm Its Reputation


Taobao/Tmall to Sue Click Farm in China   One of the most crucial factors in the success of any organization is its public image. If the market thinks you are fair in your business and provide optimum quality products and services then surely you are going to enjoy a high profit. If someone tries to…

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Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China


Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China China has recently introduced restrictions on importing infant formula milk from different countries. The main reason behind this step is because China has got very strict laws when it comes to food safety. While this may mean that lots of infant formula brands will be stopped from getting imported…

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