CLIENT: Balance

Our Missions for Balance

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Balance is an Australian water brand focusing on the health benefits of the local flora. The water brand infused in subtle ways indigenous plants so that the taste of the water. The brand is growing quickly over the world and they chose GMA to promote their water in China. Their product is a great product, especially for China that has been hurt by many scandals and where tap water can not be consumed. It is also a great market because more and more peoples care about their body and are ready to spend money on health benefits which is what the water promises. However, having a great product and selling in China are two different things and that is why Balance Australian Water needed-us to promote its products to Chinese distributors and Chinese consumers. The main challenge for Balance Australian Water is that Chinese distributors do not look for products but for a brand since it is easier to sell. Therefore, marketing the brand to the public has double benefits: Get a wider coverage of your water brand in the general public and the interest of Chinese distributors. In order to promote the brand, we have to work on e-reputation and visibility. Our first step was to create Balance Australian Water a presence on Social Media: Wechat and Weibo and make sure they rank on Baidu with tools such as PR, Q&A, a Baike Account etc


  •  + 8000 Followers on Wechat
  • Wechat H5 shared in +200 groups
  • 5 keywords ranked on Baidu 1st page
  • Weibo +200% Views
  • Weibo +20k followers
  • 5PR /month
  • Exhibition with PR on 30 media Outlets
  • Co-Branding with multiples Brands/Coffee shop (ex: Oatly)