5 Reasons your brand should include WeChat in your Social strategy in China

Why using WeChat to market for China ?

China, a country restricted but strongly connected

 Facebook and Twitter are the main social platforms in the world used everywhere except in China.

Actually, because of the censure, the government prohibits access to the majority of social media used elsewhere.

On the other side, the Chinese represent the world’s largest online community. As they are 650 million to be active monthly, they are one of the countries the most connected to the internet.

China developed its own local social media including mainly WeChat

 Because of these restrictions, the Chinese have built their own network with their own users who are more important in number than anywhere in the world.

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Several sites and platforms have appeared and had real success in the community. Weibo and WeChat are the main ones.


WeChat above all is highly used. It is a Chinese mobile text and voice message app allowing people to talk to each other about their purchases and favorite brands among others.


Global companies need to pay attention to these networks.

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How to use WeChat ?

 5 reasons you should listen your consumers’ conversations :

  • Firstly, there are so many users forming an interesting target: 650 million are active monthly including also 100 million outside China.
  • Secondly, China is a growth market offering huge opportunities to make business. It is indispensable to understand consumers demand in this market if you want to increase your profits.
  • Thirdly, WeChat allows you to understand your consumers’ attitudes and purchase intentions. When talking with their relatives, people are honest and so you could exactly understand the need and wants of your target.
  • Fourthly, Chinese are connected for most of the day and use this app all the time. They open the app over 7 times a day and 200 million users have credit cards attached that allow them to make online purchases. So using WeChat is also a good way to complement your online sales. Actually, 83% of WeChat users purchase products online.
  • To sum up, if you don’t listen to wechat conversations, Without WeChat you are not well informed about your brand in China because you miss billions of conversations about your products, service, industry and competitors

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