A Top Influencer Creates a Bad Buzz for a Chinese Cosmetics Brand

Using Top Livestreamer is a Good option in China to sell Massivly BUT sometimes it can create a bad buzz around the brand and the Products

Florasis, the Crown Jewel of C-Beauty, Become the Internet’s Punchline?

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In a fleeting 10 seconds, Li Jiaqi, previously China’s live streaming sensation, risked his reputation by reprimanding a viewer who questioned the price (79 RMB; 10.86 USD) of an eyebrow pencil from the local makeup brand, Florasis, which he was endorsing live on September 10. Visibly flustered, the proclaimed “Lipstick King” retorted, “Perhaps you should reflect on when was the last time you had a salary hike? Are you even putting in enough effort at work?”

Austin Li’s impulsive remarks sparked introspection among Chinese consumers, leading many to ponder whether local beauty brands have overly inflated the true value of their products.

Following his remarks, Li experienced a staggering loss of over a million followers in just 24 hours on Weibo, China’s counterpart to Twitter, where he boasted a following of over 30 million. His subsequent public apology, filled with palpable emotion, seemed to fall on deaf ears. It ignited a larger debate among consumers questioning the genuine value proposition of local beauty offerings.

An Overpriced Domestic Brand?

The chatter soon shifted its focus to Florasis, which increasingly became the subject of online jest. This gave rise to a new internet slang, 花西币 (translated as Florasis Coin). This tongue-in-cheek term, symbolizing the hard-earned money of Chinese workers, was set at an exchange rate where 1 Florasis Coin equaled 79 RMB. (10€)

The phrase quickly gained traction, accompanied by humorous remarks about its purchasing power. However, another controversy arose when a consumer revealed that a makeup brush set from Florasis, priced at 919 RMB, was crafted with inferior synthetic bristles. The internet was soon flooded with sarcastic remarks, further spotlighting the brand.

The controversy snowballed, compelling Florasis to release an official apology. This was viewed by an astonishing 460 million users on Weibo within mere hours of its release.

The Awakening of Chinese Consumers

A survey initiated by a local media platform on Weibo corroborated the consumers’ skepticism.

yes when quizzed about their willingness to buy the aforementioned brush set for 919 RMB, a staggering 80% of the 18,000 respondents declined. Only a small fraction of about 300 opted to stay loyal to the brand amidst the brewing storm.

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