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This article will focus on the best strategy to enter the online shopping market in China, through a Taobao store.

First, we will see why a Taobao store is a great tool to establish a brand in China. Next, we will discuss how it should be used, including:

  • Search Optimization
  • The Community Manager
  • Branding
  • The Taobao platform is one of the best symbols of e-commerce in China.

This leading online store, founded in 2003 by Alibaba, offers the same service as EBay: consumers to consumer sales.

Little reminder :


Taobao is a Chinese online store with millions of Chinese sellers and shops, operating on a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) system.

This system allows the sale of goods and services directly between individuals. For example, Taobao acts as an intermediary (a platform) in sales between individuals.

Taobao offers the opportunity for individuals to open an online store on a website, as long as potential sellers meet certain requirements.

Today, Taobao is a C2C Internet platform that is experiencing rapid development.

It takes an important part of the global web market with an estimated annual turnover of more than $ 15 billion.

Sell with your own Taobao Store

Therefore many sellers want to open their stores on Taobao.

They dream of a rapid growth of their businesses. Many of them do not think of ways to achieve this, and sometimes they can prove to be dishonest in their sales.


However, this does not mean that buying on Taobao is risky. Taobao has a special department responsible for tracking suspicious transactions and closing down shops owned by unscrupulous sellers.

As a result, the risks are considerably reduced.

If a company wants to sell a product in China, the right platform will be Tmall, owned by Alibaba also.

However, today it seems particularly profitable to enter the Chinese market via Taobao.

As it has become a major actor of e-commerce in China, Taobao seems to be a mandatory stage in China.

But why and how to develop a Taobao store when you want to enter the China market?

According to market research company Daxue Consulting, by the end of 2013,

  • nearly 620 million Internet users in China were close to 620 million users
  • 54 million new users in one year
  • Online shopping has also grown dramatically
  • In 2013, Chinese consumers bought $ 213 billion, which is very close to spending $ 250 billion US each year

Why enter the Chinese Market with Taobao?

  • With regard to practical problems, entering the China market can be much easier and faster through e-commerce, and especially on Taobao.
  • Indeed, the online store allows you not to meet the usual barriers of sales outlets, such as inventory problems, rent cost and strategic location.
  • Moreover, for foreign brands, it is still difficult to enter a distribution channel in China, since most of them are quite difficult to understand and are not very open to innovation and integration Of foreign products.
  • According to the potential of China’s online market, its functionality and its rapid development potential, Taobao will be the best tool to easily enter the Chinese market and to establish your brands as a leading brand, with easier access to Physical distribution channel and online.

How to develop your brand in China on Taobao store?

Baidu SEO to increase your Taobao conversion rate :

One of the main difficulties when you launch a product on the online shopping platform in China is to find the right keywords.


Referencing on the Internet in China, Taobao or Baidu (Google local), for example, requires specificities different from those of the Internet of the West.

Mainly because it will be difficult to grow your business through a high ranking on the Chinese search engine, you will need to focus on another leverage effect in China: create a strong community and brand image. More information about Digital services we offer

Social Media for brand awareness & reduce aquisition cost on Taobao

Even more than in Europe, social networks are very popular in China.

Then, before seeing Taobao as a sales platform, you should see Taobao as a platform where the seller and the buyer can meet.


Thus, for a foreign brand wishing to enter the Chinese market, it will be relevant to develop interaction with buyers, create conversations and promote exchanges to become more than just a salesperson. More information here

Open an account on the Weibo, Renren or Wechat local network will also be essential.

Mainly, the taste of Chinese for sharing opinions and discussions could be used, with the creation of dynamically open public topics.

In China, this is a common practice, as a topic that leads to a lot of discussion will arouse many new potential customers, who will react and follow the discussion and be exposed to the brand’s products.

Some brands even use celebrities to launch some discussion topics.

This is how some Chinese industrial giants like the mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi for example have developed their popularity despite an extremely low marketing budget.

Brand image is key to sell on Taobao

Finally, another specificity of the Chinese consumer is the importance of trust with the brands with regard to the purchase.

Chinese consumers are even more sensitive to the security of their purchases than Westerners, and of course this criterion is even more important in online shopping.

Indeed, confidence can only be acquired with time and the development of the brand image.

Unlike the cliché in the Chinese market, which says that anything that is inexpensive and attractive can be sold in China, we recommend setting up a moderate marketing activity, highlighting the specificities of the product instead of the brand.


Mainly, the issue of logistics and product quality will be crucial because any failure can cause you to restart from scratch. 

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13 thoughts on “Sell via taobao in China”

  1. Taobao is good plateforms, actually many Chinese prefer taobao than Tmall.
    They prefer taobao shops that you can trust , hae a lot of reviews.

  2. I was an expat in China when I began selling on TaoBao in 2007. It was easy and now in 2017 it is very difficult.

    The big thing is the logistic
    Inventory has to be stored in local city (not big one) . Inventory can be delivered from China to the U.S. inexpensively and quickly with Chinese local logistic providers.
    You could ship items from the EUrope to China but the costs would make most goods less than affordable and most clients will choose to pay less for the same item already located in China as they know they will get it more quickly.

    Customers service : to negotiate and answer questions in Chinese is important .

  3. Can I get someone to email to discuss setting up a store on TaoBao. I need advice on how to meet and engage potential customers in China.

  4. Hi I wanna try to create seller account in Taobao. can you tell me step by step how to create seller account. but my resident not in China.

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