The Growing Market of Collagen in China (bonus Marketing Tips to Sell)

China is the best market for Collagen with a huge demand recently specially for marine collagen market.

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How to There are many names for collagen peptides on the China market.

These include hydrolyzed collagen and small-molecule collagen. However, different names indicate that collagen-rich tissue in animals is being used as raw material. Common fish skin, beef bone and cowhide are all examples. The non-aqueous, soluble macromolecular collab triple helix structure of the collagen is exposed by hydrolysis with acid and alkali, protease and the average molecular mass is less than 10,000. A small molecule collagen peptide mixture.

The market for collagen peptides in China has seen a significant increase in size over the past five years due to consumers’ constant pursuit of their health and recognition of the efficacy. This is especially true in the area of oral products for skin care. The domestic demand for collagen peptides (if they are used as raw materials) has increased to 4000-5000 tonnes per year after the monitoring of bone and joint health products. This is mainly based on two sources of statistics. :

  1. Collagen peptide products manufactured domestically and sold domestically
  2. The number of collagen products that were manufactured abroad and imported to the country.
  3. Other products may also be brought in by other channels, but they are not included due to lack reliable data support.

It is anticipated that domestic collagen peptides’ market potential will increase in the coming five years due to the increasing popularity of collagen peptide knowledge.

The market is driven strongly by the increasing Chinese millennial population, changing consumer preferences, augmentation in beauty and personal care industry and an increase in supplementary income. As the market grows, the convergence of key industry trends is creating new opportunities for industry players. source foodchem

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Beauty market: Collagen peptides

Numerous studies have confirmed the role of collagen peptides for skin health, mostly in:

  1. Keep the skin moisturized. This is an indicator of skin health. The stratum corneum can harden and crack if the skin becomes dry. Skin will become inflamed and easily irritated. The skin will become itchy and rough.
  2. Make skin smoother and less wrinkled. The collagen fibers and elastic fibres in the dermis can be damaged and denatured by sun exposure and other environmental factors. This will cause the skin to become more rough. The skin can be softened by oral collagen peptide, which reduces wrinkles and gives people delicate skin.

Oral collagen beauty products are currently popular in both oral liquid and solid form. Each product formulation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Oral liquid products are easy to use, taste great, and are compatible with many other products. However, the original glass bottles are not as convenient to carry. This problem has been solved by the aluminum foil bag that fills with oral liquid. Many brands have started to offer products. 

They are more than happy to switch to aluminum foil bag packaging when upgrading. Solid granules gained popularity quickly due to their ease of transportation and storage. This is because it is easy to prepare the dosage form. It can also protect certain materials that are sensitive to temperature or other factors. Solid granules are an excellent choice as they do not have a high stability, which makes them a good choice. Collagen peptides are for women aged between 20 and 40. These products can be purchased through e-commerce platforms. The monthly consumption of these products varies depending on their cost and product formula. Prices range from 300 to 600 yuan.

Collagen peptides for the elderly and sports markets

Numerous studies have shown that oral collagen protein can help reduce joint pain and discomfort. Oral administration of collagen peptide increases the amount of proteoglycan in articular cartilage and stimulates joint cells to synthesize collagen. This helps to maintain joints. Structure and improved joint comfort. In the bone-based test collagen peptide can increase osteoblast differentiation, proliferation and bone matrix mineralization, decrease bone resorption of osteoclasts and enhance and prolong anti-osteoporosis medication calcium reduction. The effect of the vegetarian diet on women after menopause and their osteoporosis treatment is also evident.

These products are currently mainly sold on the American and European markets. These products are packed in large quantities of barrels. Collagen peptides can be used as functional materials as well as as high-efficiency protein sources. A formula is made from whey protein, soy protein, and other protein sources. Collagen peptide has a protein content above 92%. It is rich in proline, glutamic acid and glycine. It is a good source of protein. Collagen peptide products are now available in large-bottle sizes to meet the needs of athletes.

The collagen peptide products for the elderly are mostly in solid granules, capsules, or tablets on the domestic or international market. When formulating, it is important to consider glucosamine and calcium salts, minerals vitamins, sulfated cartilage, and minerals. To achieve synergistic effects, raw materials like hyaluronic acids, hyaluronic, and plant extracts can be used.

Collagen peptide future market development

Collagen peptides can be used to target a broad range of customers. They are compatible in their formulation so they can easily be added in different dosage forms. This is a major advantage for the growth of the collagen market and collagen. The stability of raw materials can limit the peptide’s productivity. This problem must be solved in order to ensure that the peptide remains stable.

China is the largest market for collagen

The Asia Pacific region, which is experiencing steadfast economic growth, offers promising prospects for the expansion and growth of the marine collagen market. To meet rising global demand, manufacturers around the world are expanding their manufacturing capacity and investing in new areas.

Drivers: The cosmetics industry is experiencing a growing demand for marine collagen

Marine collagen is a powerful ingredient that helps to reduce wrinkle formation, speed up the skin’s renewal process, and preserve the hair’s structure and strength. It is the most popular ingredient in cosmetic products, particularly for hair-care and skin-care. As consumers become more aware of the many benefits of marine collagen, it is expected that the use of this ingredient will grow at a rapid pace.

Restraints: Collagen products are subject to a high import duty

The market growth is being hampered by high import duties on collagen and products thereof. This leads to an increase of the price of products that cannot be afforded on a competitive market. For the manufacture of various products, many countries in North America and Europe rely on collagen imports. The region’s market growth is limited by high import duties.

There are many opportunities to increase the number of applications for end-use

Due to marine collagen’s multifunctional properties, there will be lucrative growth opportunities. Marine collagen is being used in the medical, dental, pharmacological, and pharmacological areas. It is also used to provide adequate support for drugs and is a natural biomaterial that has astringent properties and can heal wounds. The many uses of marine collagen in medical, cosmetic and nutraceutical fields makes it a potential market for marine collagen as an ingredient.

Asia Pacific will be the largest market in the forecast period

The market is expected to be dominated by Asia Pacific during the forecast period. This is due to the growing millennial population of Asian countries, increasing supplementary income, increased internet penetration, which has led to greater awareness about beauty and wellness trends and high demand for cosmetic and nutraceutical product in countries such as China and Japan. These are the main factors that have driven the market for marine collagen.

Case Study

WonderLab has launched a fish-collagen tripeptide beverage. It contains 5200mg collagen peptide, and 1000mg fish collagen tripeptide. Fish collagen tripeptide has a 5x higher absorption rate than traditional large-molecule collagen peptides. It is directly delivered to the intestine as collagen. The beverage has a blood orange flavor, zero fat, sour, sweet, refreshing, ready-to-drink, and is available in a variety of flavors. Tmall WonderLab is selling 10 bottles of 25ml each at RMB 269 Yuan (USD 42.4). (Source)

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