Top 3 KOLs in China for Beauty and Cosmetics Brands

China’s beauty market has been growing at an incredible speed in recent years, according to an article by Morgan Stanley, in the future it is expected that China will become the world’s largest beauty market. Outgrowing The United States and Korean beauty industry. As you may already know, using KOLs to promote your products and/or company is a very common and popular marketing strategy in China.

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Below are listed the current top most influencial KOLs in the Beauty and Cosmetic industry :


With nearly 2.3 million followers on Chinese network Weibo, Lisa’s Beauty Blog is another leading beauty KOL in China that has a solid and loyal online fan base. Her blog covers a diverse type of content, ranging from product reviews, makeup tutorials, lifestyle tips to industry news and celebrity gossips. She is currently active on both Weibo and WeChat. For consumers, Lisa’s Beauty Blog is the go-to for understanding the differences between different brands’ beauty products when you don’t know which to purchase. For example, if lipstick is an issue for her followers then Lisa will try on lots of lipstick and present the results with high-resolution photos and detailed user reviews, in order to bring them some clarity.

 Zhang Mofan MOMO (张沫凡MOMO)

source : Zhang Mofan MOMO weibo

Zhang Mofan MOMO, known as the Chinese equivalent to Michelle Phan, is considered the most commercially successful beauty blogger in China. In 2017, she was awarded as the online influencer with the highest commercial value by Sina Weibo.

Zhang posts entertaining makeup tutorials, makeup skills, and skincare routines on major Chinese social media platforms including Weibo, Meipai, and Yizhibo (live streaming site), where she has approximately seven, three, and eight million fans respectively.

Knowing the incredible business potential that comes with her following, in 2010 she created her beauty brand Mo Amour, which specializes in aromatherapy, under the company Meimo-Mo Amour.

Later, she set up another makeup brand named MOAMIS, with which she hoped to replicate the success of Mo Amour. Chinese consumers can purchase Zhang’s products on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms. The online sales were reported to exceed US$18 million in 2016.

Xiaozhujiejiezz (小猪姐姐zz)

Xiaozhujiejiezz became known as a makeup expert after she posted a load of tutorials back in 2016 where she transformed herself in order to resemble celebrities such as Yang Mi, G Dragon, Lu Han, and others. Having graduated from the China Academy of Art, Xiaozhujiejiezz likes to compare the art of makeup to painting. She believes that a human face is like a canvas, where you can draw anyone as long as you master the contouring. Xiaozhujiejiezz currently has more than 1.7 million followers on Weibo. She was ranked among the top 10 most influential beauty bloggers in 2017 by Sina Weibo. She also has a presence on WeChat, Meipai, and Bilibili.

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